On Saturday, Brooklyn Children Museum (BCM) debuted its newest exhibition TapeScape, an explorable art structure turned playground made from scaffolding and packing tape that will mesmerize Brooklyn kids until December 30. 

Created by artist Eric Lennartson, TapeScape consists of almost 15 miles of clear tape, intricately woven around metal frames to form a mesh of passageways. The installation’s climbable tunnels pulse with spirals of LED lights in homage to BCMs neon-lit tunnel. A blend of architecture, material science and fantasy, TapeScape encourages adventure and curiosity.

We can showcase simple scientific concepts that even the youngest kids can understand and still be interesting to an adult that is an engineer, said Lennartson. Does it look like a spider web, the human circulatory or nervous system, or some science fiction galactic wormhole? No matter your age or education, there is something almost everyone relates to and finds interesting. 

TapeScape is a multi-sensory art installation made entirely of clear tape.
TapeScape artist Eric Lennartson inside one of his creations. Photo credit: NJ.com

Lennartson first created TapeScape in 2010 at the Childrens Museum of South Minnesota. Now in its 16th rendition, the exhibit makes its New York City debut. According to him, it’s a multi-sensory experience not only for little explorer but the entire family. 

I love seeing adults playing with kids in the exhibit, said Lennartson. And I see older kids playing again like they did when they were younger and didnt have to act so cool.

For Hana Elwell, BCM’s vice president of exhibits and education, TapeScape arrives just in time as the weather gets cold and parents have to move physical activity and play inside.

“We expect TapeScape to be as much a ‘full-mind’ experience as it is a full-body one,” said Elwell. “It’s going to activate the senses and spark the visitor’s imaginations as they experience something unique and wonderful made from an everyday material.”

TapeScape is open Thursdays and Fridays, 2:00pm through 5:00pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00am through 6:00pm until December 30

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