“These four individuals just moved into the 77th precinct,” said Tania Salters, community affairs officer in the 77th Precinct. “They have already been convicted and have served their time. So they are not in violation of any law.

“It’s just that we as the precinct, by law, must notify the community that they are registered sex offenders and recently have moved in.”

Derrick Perry

Name: Perry, Derrick

Threat: Rape/ Female unknown age

Zip Code:  11216

Kalid Jones

Name:  Jones, Kalid

Threat: Rape/ Female 12 years old

Zip Code:  11216

Jamel Charles

Name:  Charles, Jamel

Threat: Forcible Touching/ Female 16 years old

Zip Code:  11213

Troy Culbertson Photo: NYPD

Name:  Culbertson, Troy

Threat: Felony Sex Offense/ Female unknown age

Zip Code:  11213

For Further Details Visit: https://criminaljustice.state.ny.us

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