In many modern schools, newcomers learn the possibilities of cryptocurrency investment. Economists consider this investment speculative. To be careful it is necessary to minimize risks. Can you invest without losing money? This and other questions are answered in the article.

The digital currency is defined on the Wiki.  Transfers are made using a computer network. Records of coins and their owners are kept in the digital registry.

Analysis of Three Features Before Investing

Before investing it is important to analyze three nuances. For the convenience of readers, they are listed in the table.

1Digital currency is hardly called a stable investment
2Assets are not regulated by banks and governments of the countries
3Profits from transactions with cryptocurrency are taxed

Now let’s talk about everything in order. The first nuance is considered from the beginning. There were situations when BTC dropped by 30% in a week. The next week, its rate soared to recent highs. Experts recommend spending a small part of the portfolio to buy the digital currency. Secondly, what to do if the exchange goes bankrupt? The value of investments is not guaranteed by anyone. Users can lose all BTC. 

Finally, income from trading digital currency refers to capital gains. Such a regulation appeared back in 2014. In addition, a self-employment tax may be charged on Bitcoin trading.

Where can I bet cryptocurrency? Detailed information can be found on the with reviews. More than 5,000 slots are described, which users can run for free and for a fee in different virtual halls. Innovations in the gambling industry are tested as soon as they appear. Training materials are also published, thanks to which a beginner quickly becomes a professional. 

We can mention the author by the name of Max, who himself plays the machines. The young man works for a company called SlotsUp. He compiles reviews of casinos where digital currency is accepted. Players can get acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the hall Red Dog casino games  in free time. When registering, a 200% bonus is available to newcomers. The site is designed more for U.S. residents, but also accepts citizens of other countries.

Ways to Invest Without Buying Coins

Ways to Invest without Buying Coins

The easiest investment method is to buy shares in a firm that has a financial stake in blockchain technology. It is also possible to invest in ETF funds if long-term value growth is confirmed. Publicly traded firms receive digital currency in three ways.

  1. Solo Mining.
  2. Development of blockchain technology.
  3. Placing cryptocurrency on your balance sheet.

One example is Tesla. As of 2020, the company enters any fund that works with digital currency. 

It is possible to replenish a portfolio without creating a fiat wallet. For example, when receiving credit card rewards. There are several options. Their holders are given BTC for touching the card, swiping it with a finger, and paying. Popular varieties include:

  • Visa Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards;
  • Gemini;
  • Visa Signature BlockFi Rewards. 

Flexible ways to repay debts are provided on Venmo personal credit cards. For example, it is allowed to transfer digital currency.

Choice of Cryptocurrency for Investment

There are other digital currencies besides BTC. The total number on most exchanges is several dozen. ETN (Ethereum) is the second most popular option, which is accepted in all cryptocurrency casinos. Its success is due to innovation, which includes blockchain technology. There are two other well-known options, each of which is suitable for investing.

The first is BNB (Binance Coin). It is a coin issued by a major exchange. It is used to reduce trading fees. The second one is DOGE (Dogecoin) with a high market capitalization. The choice of a suitable variant depends on your own preferences. Another criterion is the amount of digital currency to be purchased.

The answer to this question was given by a business coach. So, it is allowed to spend up to 10% of the total portfolio on BTC. In this case, the holder will not go bankrupt even if Bitcoin collapses. It is not recommended to buy by many experienced asset managers. This is due to the lack of asymmetric risk. It is impossible to guarantee the future even with 99% probability.

How to Support Investments

With the right rate predictions, large profits can be made. Holders need to maintain their investments and support them.

  1. Don’t forget digital currency when managing assets.
  2. Follow the news about the selected exchange.
  3. Be in cryptocurrency user communities.
  4. Be aware of countries that discourage the spread of digital currencies.

Buying is not the only way to invest. It can be earned using the technology of mining. In advance, it is worthwhile to go through training. There are short introductory videos, which are distributed on the Internet. The only disadvantage is that computer speed slows down. 

Users can also buy cryptocurrency shares, using the services of exchange traders. Another option is to invest in blockchain technology. In 2022, worldwide well-known companies were doing so. Their number is 81.

Conclusion about the Reasonability of Buying Cryptocurrency

We should not forget the risks. For example, there is no regulation by the central banks of developed countries. CNN news publishes information about buying BTC. It can be read at CNN.  It is recommended that readers keep an eye out for promotions. There is a risk of a fall in the exchange rate for the major currencies (USD and EUR).

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