A Brooklyn man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape of a 21-year-old woman in the neighborhood of Canarsie, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced.

The sentence of the defendant — 36-year-old Shinol John — comes following a November jury trial that convicted John of two counts of first-degree rape, a first-degree criminal sexual act and a second-degree assault as a sexually motivated felony.

In addition to 25 years in jail, John was also sentenced by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Donald Leo to 20 years’ post-release supervision.

According to District Attorney Gonzalez, the incident took place on Aug. 16, 2020.

At around 2:30 a.m., the victim was walking home from a party when John approached her from behind.

John grabbed the victim by her neck and hit her in the face and head areas. The defendant then dragged the victim to a grassy area and forced her to the ground.

John proceeded to rape the victim two separate times, threatening her with a knife that he had on his person. He also told the victim that he was carrying a firearm.

Following the second assault, John instructed the victim to count to 30 and not to move. John then walked away from the scene of the crime.

Two individuals in the area spotted the victim and came to her aid, calling 911. The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital, and was treated for multiple injuries.

John, who had returned to the area and saw the individuals helping the victim, fled the scene. After a witness tracked down a police car, cops searched searched for the defendant.

The defendant would be eventually found by police on Saratoga Avenue, where he would be arrested and later convicted.

“Today’s lengthy prison sentence holds the defendant accountable for this violent and traumatic attack on an innocent woman and I am grateful to the victim for her brave cooperation throughout this prosecution,” District Attorney Gonzalez said. “My office is deeply committed to vigorously pursuing justice for victims of sexual violence and Brooklyn is safer with this defendant behind bars.”

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  1. Well for people like this they do need to be behind bars like that they won’t do it again! See people who rape a woman and other people who kill some one with a gun or a knife should be in jail for they rest of their life in jail!!!!

    1. Mr Gonzalez should run for mayor he’s doing a damn good job keeping these dangerous animals off our streets and we also need to pray for our police officers because with out them these blood thirsty criminals will reckless havoc

  2. That’s Justice, D.A. Eric Gonzalez. This predator don’t belong in society with normal innocent people.
    This woman is Traumatized for the rest of her natural born life. These Predators have No idea what these type of crimes does to Victims? They will need Therapy for a long, long time & No Amount of Money 💰💰💰 could Bring back their Sanity!! Keep that bastard in Jail!! 🗽 ⚖️
    D.A. Eric Gonzales, where were You, a little over 10yrs, Ago??? Keep Up the Great Job you’re doing!!🙏🙏

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