The red wave that fell short nationally and statewide engulfed Democrats in south Brooklyn on Tuesday, with Republicans close to claiming multiple seats in the state Senate and Assembly.

Even as Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, beat Republican Lee Zeldin in Brooklyn by 42 points, she lost in Bensonhurst, a neighborhood that Andrew Cuomo won handily four years ago, by 32 points — a 54 point swing. To the east in Homecrest, Hochul lost by 57 points, four years after Cuomo lost it by just 5 points. The rightward swing in those neighborhoods contributed to the likely ouster […] Click here to view original web page at

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  1. Fortunately Benson Hurst Has Become A Community Of Many People From Countries That Have Or Had Socialist Dictatorship & Know Not To Vote For These Communists. Unfortunately The People Who Were Born Here Have Not Experienced Totalitarian Government. & Continue To Vote For Free Stuff .

    1. Then people born in America Doug ourselves out of totalitarianism when we voted TRUMP out of the presidency. There are no socialists, but there are Social Democrats on the left and the right is full of communists.

  2. Hochul better do her job Now she became governor over lee zeldin ,Hochul needs to fire DA Bragg AG James ,AsAp,New Yorkers who voted for zeldin will hold her accountable,she wanted to be gov,Now do the job for All New Yorkers yes even zeldin supporters….

  3. Here is the bottom line. All of our politicians PROMISE to be a representative for ALL the people in their areas. HOWEVER, the extreme groups on BOTH sides operate in an all or nothing at all. We must learn to compromise where at the end both sides of our bifurcated government are a little bit pissed. We MUST learn to listen, understand and compromise.

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