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  1. This is Hochuls safe New York ,and where she says she’s protecting New Yorkers 🤔she not concerned about the crime and this video shows,a vote for Hochul =lots more crime

  2. All Lee Zeldin is is a Donald Trump minion , and a vote for him is taking us back in time. How can you be about law & order, but against, calling out the Guns .
    make it make since .

  3. Lee Zeldin got an opportunity to make noise & like his nemesis hang on to it. Shooting outside his home & he had to pull back his 1st statement that he was been shot @. Are we sure it wasn’t a set up? That’s all we seem to get out of him.

  4. This is real crime, not the made up crime that 1/6 Trump supporters were charged with and treated so harshly by partisan Capitol Police and DOJ, worse than Guantanamo

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