A Gucci-loving Brooklyn bishop, who was robbed of $1 million worth of jewelry in a caught-on-video heist, is a slum landlord evicting several low-income tenants from properties he owns in Connecticut, according to tenants and public records.

Lamor Whitehead, 44, a convicted felon who has described Mayor Eric Adams as a close friend and supporter […] Click here to view original web page at nypost.com

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  1. The bishop looks like an ex street criminal turned to GOD and his wife looks like his a chick from the strip club young weniugh to be his kid. When I first saw the robbery I said it looks like a setup. His dirty work is slowly catching up to him. This will not be the last time we hear about the grimey bishop.

  2. This guy is a pariah. He a shame to decent God Fearing Preachers and to respectable Black men too. He’s thinks he’s Rev. Ike and Ike Turner. Put him away.

  3. Adams a major disappointment both with the appointments he makes
    And the company he keeps like the REV He’s the Hirshel Walker of Reverands
    His best friend is the camera

  4. Isn’t there a petition going around wanted to give felons a second chance. I say a criminal will alway be a criminal. The fools are the ones that believe him. Collecting all kinds of money to feed his bad habits. Lock him up and throw away the keys. No mercy here.

  5. The biggest fools are his congregation who’s giving their tide to a church pimp!!! A true pastor puts money back in the community and not around his neck with flashy jewelry and expensive cars!!! Real piece of crap, he’s probably sleeping with church members too!! Scumbag!!!

  6. Mayor Adam’s needs to clean up his association with people like the idiot so called Reverend friend of his!!!!!

  7. Beware of false prophets scriptures say! Many will be decieved,but with our own eyes we will see the punishment of the wicked! Using God for profit not ok in his eyes.

  8. This administration is such a disappintment even though it’s been 10 months. If he was truly a man of God you don’t rob from the poor there is a nationwide housing problem he needs to be a man and solve this problem with his tenants it’s too many housing programs he and the tenants can get help with.

  9. Why do these scam artists use God as a reference to defraud the people? I’m so sick of Whitehead and his scams. He stole money from his members. Put him back in Prison and leave him there.

  10. The media is the real criminal. Why when it’s a Black Mayor your title must read as such. The Rev or Bishop or swindler is his own person making his own choices. People must see the racist connotation in the title alone.

  11. He the biggest sinner in the world of God fearing people. I feel bad for the FOOLS that add to the plate as it go around during service. Find another church to go worship. Or worship at home. It okay God hears everyone’s Prayers!.

  12. Since Mayor Adams has taken the stewardship of NYC, it appears he enjoys the limelight way more. His connection with friends who have sketchy reputations, attempting to by-pass policy and place his brother to a higher post and his ineffectiveness in handling the rising crime wave in NYC, reveals his incompetence for running this city. For example, was to show a higher, more visible concentration of police officers in the subways and straphangers are still waiting. Taking the risks of being assaulted, robbed and even worse killed looms over the head of every rider on Mass Transit. I noticed recently riders are not even paying when riding buses. They just walk onto the bus casually as if strolling through a park.

  13. This bishop did prison time and now claims to be a holy person. The average person goes to prison either has an ugly case or is scared of prison life. So they make a choice join a gang or hide go to church. Or become a Muslim hiding behind the Koran and or Bible. This guy is now running a church in a poor neighborhood taking good citizens money. He is a scammer an a good talker. Believe me God sees All these fake m.f he’ll pay for All his deeds before leaving this earth..

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