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  1. Where was the police? Are there any police riding the trains? The crime going on in the subways is making people decide to get a carry conceal permit with a gun to protect and defend themselves even though its not allowed in New York City. We got to protect ourselves since we have our send ammendment rights no matter what that crazy letisha James says. There are no cops around to protect us looks like if we want to leive long we have to start protecting ourselves or get to work another way, or stop riding the trains. Since adams got in as mayor Crime is Worst than Ever.

    1. NO CRIME STARTED WITH DeBOZO being in office he FUCKED UP this WHOLE CITY by allowing certain laws to pass. NOW Mayor Adams is trying to clean it up but unfortunately his hands are somewhat tied with the politicians not in agreement with him and REFUSE to go back to the way things were to PRE DeBOZO days!!!!

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