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  1. There definitely has to be more deterrents for people driving dangerously. Daily I see people passing into oncoming traffic, running red lights, speeding to get to a red light… We also need CCTV in areas with many traffic accidents, especially busy corners in industrial areas. Now with no proof you can’t tell who’s at fault.

  2. The same can be said for bike riders. They very rarely obey traffic signals or stop signs and the word yield has no meaning. An accident is an accident tragic perhaps but an accident none the less. Granted if it’s a hit and run yes the book should be thrown at them. But if they remain on the scene and comply with law enforcement it is an accident. So let’s not vilify all drivers. Both drivers and bikers share in this. And before bikers get themselves all worked up thinking cars should be banned. Keep in mind that drivers directly fund the roads you ride on, You do not. But I’m sure given the opportunity you’d be willing to license, register and insure your bike to make the roads safer.

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