The budget-friendly grocery chain Lidl has plans to expand into Brooklyn, reports The Brooklyn Paper.

Scheduled to arrive in Park Slope in 2024, Lidl plans to become a center of a mixed-used development in place of the former Key Food on Fifth Avenue.

The chain signed a lease with developers William Macklowe Company and Senlac Ridge Partners for its first Brooklyn outpost at 120 Fifth Avenue. And community leaders are excited as this chain will fill the void of having a local affordable grocer.

“The selection of Lidl is a win for our community that would not have been possible without the advocacy and input of the Community Stakeholder Group,” stated Council Member Shaman Hanif.  “In 2016, the [community group], working with my predecessor, initiated discussions with the project developers to ensure that a full-sized, affordable, high quality community supermarket replaced the Key Food.”

Key Food closed its doors last year to make way for a mixed-use development with 184 apartments, a parking garage and supermarket. And with Lidl, set to open in 2024, dozens of jobs will be brought back to the area.

“We’re thrilled to be planting our roots in Park Slope and are excited to introduce our new neighbors to Lidl’s simple, affordable and highly-awarded approach to grocery,” said Or Raitses, senior director of real estate for Lidl in New York.

“Great people make the Lidl experience possible every day. And as our Park Slope project progresses, we look forward to reaching out to neighbors and local community non-profits to support the hiring of an outstanding team for our customers at Lidl Park Slope.”

Kimberlean Donis

Kimberlean Donis is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn. She is a student at both London City University and Williams College majoring in Political Science, Art History, and Africana Studies.

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  1. I think there are more places to place an affordable supermarket rather than Park Slope?
    Like really? We totally see what is going on here. This is sad.

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