QT Art Camp is a Brooklyn-based organization for trans and queer youth to participate in workshops and mentorships with adult trans and queer artists, to develop new skills, learn ways to express themselves through visual arts and dance, and foster community. 

During the workshops they will work with NYC-based artists, discuss art with their peers and mentors, and leave with a finished art piece.

The organizations has announced its first summer series of art workshops, including photography, painting and vogueing. These workshops are free to queer and trans youth ages 13-19.

Full details and to register can go to qtartcamp.com and sign up!

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Analog Photography with Carmen DeCristo

  • Date: August 17th
  • Time: 11am – 3pm
  • Location: Brooklyn Community Pride Center – Crown Heights
  • ArtistCarmen DeCristo

Join Carmen in an introduction to film photography. It will include the breakdown of the camera, key elements to exposing a photograph, and explain the chemistry involved in how an image appears on the film itself. Students will have a chance to take 5 photos with a film camera.  They will have the opportunity to take photos of still lives, portraits and more. The film will be developed the same day and available for prints and email. 

Portrait Drawing of Marsha P. Johnson Bust with Jesse Pallotta

  • Date: August 22nd 
  • Time: 11am – 3pm
  • Location: The Gay Center
  • ArtistJesse Pallotta

In this workshop students will learn the fundamentals of portrait drawing referening a cast sculpture. The cast is of the trans historical figure, Marsha P. Johnson. Students will use charcoal, and pencils to create a realistic portrait drawing. The instructors will go over the fundamentals of drawing including light effect, perspective and line quality. All students will leave with a charcoal drawing! 

Vogue Dancing Basics with Angel Glasby 

In this workshop, students will learn the power of self-expression through dance. Focused on the movement of femme vogue – one of the many rich art forms brought to us by the queer BIPOC community. Students will be given the fundamentals of how to warm up their bodies, given notes on how to maximize musicality and the importance of connecting with an audience while performing. 

Abstract Painting and Color Theory

  • Date: August 30th
  • Time: 11am – 3pm 
  • Location: Brooklyn Community Pride Center
  • ArtistKoi King

In this workshop students will learn the fundamentals of color theory by doing an abstract-colored painting. They will explore the exciting versatility of acrylics through their own creative expression. The instructor will go over color, texture, and its potential for 3D effects.

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