Grab your walking shoes—three new Open Streets are coming to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens this summer.

The New York City Department of Transportation announced yesterday that the three new Open Streets will be used for a Brooklyn Heights pre-school, a Clinton Hill street fair and a Carroll Gardens promenade.

One block of Lexington Avenue will be roped off to non-emergency vehicles between Grand Street and Classon Avenue on weekends from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the annual Brooklyn Bazaar Festival: a music, art and food festival that celebrates local talent in Clinton Hill.

One block of Remsen Street between Henry Street and Clinton Street will be operating as an Open Street for the Brooklyn Heights Synogauge Pre-School to use during their daily hours. Most classes at the pre-school run Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Seven blocks of Smith Street, between Wyckoff Street and Union Street in Carroll Gardens, will be reserved on Saturdays for use as a promenade with restaurants, shops and activities between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

TAMA Sundays Open Streets program helped Bed-Stuy small businesses get through the pandemic. Photo: Supplied.

All three new Open Street proposals for Brooklyn Community District 2 were submitted by community organizations and volunteer groups and were approved by the DOT to be shut off to all non-emergency vehicles.

This comes as a part of a community-led citywide program that began in 2020 to prioritize pedestrians and non-car commuters to reduce traffic-related injuries and increase public, usable outdoor space to gather safely amidst the pandemic.

Open Streets this year will receive funding from the DOT up to $20,000 to cover operation costs for things like metal barriers, street signage and movable furniture but will also rely on volunteer work from the groups involved to ensure the streets are clean and that people are keeping the 15-foot emergency vehicle passageway clear.

Applications for 2022 Open Street proposals are still open and are approved on a rolling basis depending on feasibility and the level of community support.

Though the Open Streets program is great for some families and businesses, it has the potential to cause inconveniences for people who live in the area or rely on cars as their primary mode of transportation.

To that end, Community Board 2, which represents the community district all three new Open Streets are in, has invited the public to submit their opinions and questions to the DOT through this form until June 17, when comments will be reviewed and handled.

Some of the Community Board 2 Members at a virtual meeting in April. Community Board 2 represents Brooklyn Community District 2, the area where all three of the new Open Streets are located. Photo: Miranda Levingston for the BK Reader.

“Our Open Streets program creates vibrant community spaces on streets once primarily dedicated to the movement and storage of automobiles,” Vin Barone, a DOT spokesperson told the BK Reader.

“We’re proud to continue building on this program with more locations and we look forward to the community review of these proposed Open Streets.”

The Brooklyn Community Board 2—which represents Downton Brooklyn, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Clinton Hill, DUMBO, Fort Greene, Fulton Ferry, Navy Yard and Vinegar Hill—did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

“My administration’s commitment to the Open Streets program remains steadfast,” Eric Adams, New York City Mayor, said when the 2022 program was announced in April.

“As we work hand-in-hand with our partners on the ground to give communities the space and programming they need, I look forward to all they will offer their neighbors and our city.”


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  1. At what date(s) are these new Open Streets effective? Also, I believe that stretch of Smith Street is in CB6.

  2. Ohhhhh fuhgettaboudit. This not ok. People like me have bin living on smith for 40 plus years, and some of us 80 plus years and we have never had a issue with any businesses. Stop causing traffic and mayhem. NOT OK.! The pandemic is over. Business losing their customers because they’re no good, that’s it…
    oh yeah, and that’s cobble hill not Carroll garden you meatball

  3. What the hell are you guys doing to my neighborhood? You are the aliens, not us. You come here and want to change it the way you all like it, you are supposed to change and adapt to our living. I have been living in this neighborhood for 42 years and now we have you jerk offs coming out the wood works from wherever you shmucks came from. Ruining and making my beautiful neighborhood into something that was never supposed to happen. Go back to your suburbs and leave our neighborhood alone

  4. What you guys are going to do is create more traffic The same way you caused traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge with a bike lane, just leave the way it is if you don’t like the way it is move back to your farm or whatever suburbs that you came from, you got it just cost traffic on my block Union St because of Smith, just leave it alone don’t change nothing

  5. Get the fuck outta here!! what are you doin? We don’t need this shit in my neighborhood. You people come here looking like you make your own clothes by the rags you bought at yard sale from people who found them in the dumpsters, making your kids dress themselves at the age of 3 wearing a Spider-Man costume in the middle of fucking may, eating seeds at a grocery store looking like pigeons asking your 2 year old what gender they wanna be fuhgeddaboudit. Go back to where you all came from.

  6. Why on God’s green Earth are the Community Boards this removed from what actually occurs in reality? The BQE is a mess and traffic flows thru downtown. Smith Street is already bumper-to-bumper on weekends.. as is Clinton, Bond and Hicks Streets. Even 3rd Ave. is backed up, most often. The F/G are usually not running regularly (if at all on Sat.). How are emergency / ambulances going go get through all areas of downtown?… This makes no sense 10am to 10pm?! (By June.. Most young people with extra cash are in Hamptons, Berkshires & NJ Shore.. and they do this now?) The businesses are rebounding already.. and could be HURT without folks driving to restaurants, bakeries, stores. The Borough President may need to CLEAR OUT both CB2 and CB6 – because the community boards are serving special interests.. NOT the needs of the communities affected.

  7. Why does this damn city have to ruin every single place they touch. It’s a quiet little area we do have enough traffic but we can still go to a restaurant occasionally find a parking spot. Now you’re going to crap it up with all the freaks coming and going and I don’t like it. Why don’t you pay my taxes asshole😃😃😃

  8. This is a terrible idea! Absolutely hate it!! It will cause worse traffic and make life very difficult for those who depend on the bus. We lost the B71 and now on the weekend we won’t have the B57. This is not a community of only 20’s to 50/60 year olds . Get those damn sheds off the streets and let traffic flow again.

  9. This is a great initiative! Can’t wait to enjoy the space. Having talked to many friends in my generation (30s with young family) 80% of us are in favor. (Writing this out to make sure we’re not drowned out by a couple of loud senior NIMBYs with too much time on their hands)

  10. Not a senior, not a NIMBY but as a resident of this neighborhood I can’t help but think the closure of Smith is going to create more problems than it will solve. The rise in air and noise pollution created by the additional traffic, the loss of bus service for our residents, the already overflowing trash bins which leads to increased rodent activity. Maybe the Reader could do a story on the demographics of the business owners on Smith and the success of these BID programs so we can really see who will benefit? If it’s about creating open spaces there are plenty of vacant lots that could be converted in to parks for all of our enjoyments.

  11. This is a law that Bill DeBlasio made, and is being continued on by Eric Adams and his DOT Commissioner.

    Please show up to the Transportation Committee Meetings for Community Board 2. The next one is 6/16/22.

    Show up to the Executive and General Meetings as well because despite many members of the community opposing these OpenStreets, the board members seem to want to shrug their shoulders and defer to the Transportation Committee, which in of itself has been given the run around by DOT for about 6 months now. They even kicked the can on this on purpose because they know the CB goes on break for the summer.

    There are also a few members on the CB who are taking it upon themselves to work with groups like TransAlt and StreetsPAC to perpetuate this program, so feel free to familiarize yourself with them as they like to gaslight residents who oppose this program, and paint them in a negative light.

    Crystal Hudson and Lincoln Ressler also perpetuate this nonsense by claiming that the residents are in favor of it so go ahead and make your educated votes the next time your have an opportunity to…

  12. Awful Idea.DOT has the talent of creating dangerous problems. They can’t fix potholes and traffic lights but they will close streets and create garbage and attract rodents from the restaurant sheds that are empty most of the time. There are abandoned sheds from closed restaurants that are fire & health hazards. Where will the ambulances go to rescue you? Buses can’t go around narrow corners. You want space? Don’t be a spoiled lazy parent.Go to the the park. All these new rich people should go back to Kansas.

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