A Brooklyn man who got a light sentence for dragging and crippling an NYPD detective will be sentenced to five years behind bars for a separate car chase.

Justin Murrell, 20, was promised the half-decade jail stint by the judge in his Brooklyn Supreme Court case Monday after pleading guilty to assault for fleeing police trying to pull him over for speeding in May 2021. Murrell slammed into three parked cars during the ensuing chase.

After entering his plea, Murrell walked out of court only to be immediately arrested for leading Port Authority cops on a February car chase in a stolen car while out on bail for the 2021 case.

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  1. What a disgrace. The system to ridiculous. And in five years he’ll do another crime. Very very sad.

  2. 5 years really? The system really is a discrace. This is obviously a person who doesn’t care for the punishment and is dangerous to be out like life is a joke..

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