The 68-year-old woman allegedly killed and dismembered by a Brooklyn octogenarian and twice-convicted killer died of “homicidal violence,” the city’s medical examiner said Saturday.

Susan Leyden, who’s cause of death included blunt force trauma of the head, was living in an LGBTQ+ elder housing community in Fort Greene at the time of her death, police sources have said.

Harvey Marcelin, an 83-year-old who spent decades in prison for two prior convictions in the deaths of other women, was been indicted in the death of Leyden. She was seen on video sitting on top of a human leg while riding around a store in a motorized scooter and allegedly killing Leyden and disposing of her torso on the street, cops said earlier this month.

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  1. There was another female taken into custody. My neck was broken on December 31 2021 by Asian Doll . King Von served as her accomplice in her escape and theft of my property. King Von is alive, must of woke up in his coffin and proceeded to have faked his death. Authorities sex trafficked me and hid my reports against Marcelin in 2021 and 2022. Authorities broke into my apartment for reporting Marcelin and tried to arrest me for reporting Marcelin in 2021, sex trafficking me to live with Asian Doll who then broke my neck in December 31. Authorities murdered Susan Leyden. In the first place there was academic chain fraud and landlord tenant fraud that worked in direct conspiracy with Marcelin’s organization. Marcelin was a paid informant to stalk and murder me as targeting during my time in Prof Steven Wasserman’s class and or Prof. Bechrouri’s class etc. that’s why Marcelin chose 75 precinct to murder Leyden near.

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