Tenants and housing activists marched through Brooklyn and Manhattan on Saturday, calling for an extension to the eviction moratorium and a blanket end to cold-weather evictions in New York City.

The moratorium was put in place in March 2020, as New Yorkers across the state had their working hours slashed, or lost their jobs altogether, as the first wave of the pandemic took hold. Even so, tenants — including more than 2 million who rent in New York City — have held their breath as the moratorium, which was first set to expire last June, has been extended a few months at a time — often just days before its expiration.

With the state eviction moratorium set to expire on Jan. 15, tenants and activists marched across Brooklyn and Manhattan on Saturday, calling for Gov. Kathy Hochul to extend the deadline. Sign up for our amNY Sports email newsletter to get insights and game coverage for your favorite teams

Tenants and […]

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