The principal of P.S. 243 is facing calls to resign after multiple misconduct reports surfaced. Photo: Google Maps.
By: Megan McGibney

The local community education council representing parts of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights has called on the principal of P.S. 243 in Crown Heights to immediately resign after numerous reports surfaced of verbal abuse, bullying and other misconduct towards staff, faculty and students.

The Community Education Council 16 (CEC16) has unanimously voted for the immediate resignation of Karen Hambright-Glover, who has been the principal of P.S. 243 for 17 years.

The Council cited as reason for the resignation “a long, documented history of being disrespectful, dismissive and unprofessional in communicating with students, families and school staff,” and that her “behavior impedes the District 16 mission of improving the quality of its schools.”

Documents that were sent to CEC16 by those accusing Hambright-Glover of misconduct, and which were obtained by BK Reader, include emails describing Hambright-Glovers’ treatment of others, while screenshots of text messages show her using obscenities in regards to her colleagues. Hambright-Glover is also being accused of using foul language towards fellow principals within District 16.

CEC16 President NeQuan McLean said the documents were forwarded to the Department of Education (DOE) Office of Special Investigations and the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District.

In one email, a former staff member accuses Hambright-Glover of calling them a “b***h” and a “liar” when confronted over a payment issue. Other allegations include substitute teachers refusing to teach at P.S. 243; a high turnover of teachers and staff; and students encouraged to spy on their teachers for the principal.

The emails also allege that while all DOE paraprofessionals need to be trained on Level 2 Diabetes, only two are trained at P.S. 243.

As for the text messages, Hambright-Glover calls one of the administrators of the Brooklyn North Borough Office’s Special Ed & Community Support a “dumb a**” and refers to one D16 principal as a “punk motherf***er” and an assistant principal in D16 as a “fat b***h.” The text messages also show her calling special education students “undesirables.”

“Mrs. Hambright’s behavior has always been crude and unprofessional since the day she became principal at PS 243,” a former staff member told BK Reader. “The union rep has to tell her on several occasions of correct protocol. Her behavior happens at least once a week in some form or fashion.”

A former teacher, who gave her name as Tina for this article, also describes Hambright-Glover’s behavior as toxic and says she frequently humiliates people.

“Any time she’s had something to say, it was a nasty tone and it was in front of my students or it was in front of other staff members with a demeaning tone.”

McLean told BK Reader that Hambright-Glover had been principal for nearly 17 years despite the many complaintsit was because she was tenured, adding that “after three years of tenure, [principals] are really hard to get rid of.”

“The biggest concern that we have is she’s a union rep for the district,” McLean said. “Other principals look up to her, and that type of language being used about colleagues, it’s just really concerning all-around. The district leadership that is supposed to be modeled for other principals [is not] modeled in their own building.”

This is not the first time Hambright-Glover has fielded complaints. Back in 2015, CBS2 News reported that Hambright-Glover went on a Facebook rant about a student and his mother by saying, “monkey u made.” Then-Chancellor Carmen Farina said the incident was being monitored. According to CBS2, the National Action Network called for her resignation.

Only 56% of the school’s teachers recommend P.S. 243 for students, according to a 2019 DOE survey. The resolution also states that enrollment has been falling since Hambright-Glover became principal in 2005, though it appears it had been declining beforehand as charter school attendance increases in the neighborhood.

DOE Deputy Press Secretary Nathaniel Styer told BK Reader the allegations were “very serious, and every student and staff member deserves school leadership that is supportive and respectful.”

“The Superintendent is directly intervening, and will be taking appropriate disciplinary steps and closely monitoring this school while all allegations are investigated.” 

BK Reader contacted Hambright-Glover for a comment, but did not receive a response. 

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  1. At last Karen Hambright-Glover’s reign of terror is coming to an end. Unfortunately, The Weeksville School community suffered under her ineffective, belittling, and demoralizing leadership.

  2. I was a parent of two students at this school that were being bullied and when I brought it up to this principal she was rude and dismissive. When I insisted my children be listened to and protected she had me removed from the school and instructed the school safety agents to never allow me in the building. I came to the building to bring my kids to school anyway and she went so far as to file a false police report and had me arrested for vandalizing her car. I was told before I confronted her about my children that she would be difficult and that she knew people in the DOE, powerful people, and that she’d make my life miserable. They were right. Nothing ever came of my complaints to the va DOE, superintendents and even the chancellor. I had my daughters removed from the school as soon as I was able to.

  3. She has been failing these kids educationally for soo many years! Arguing and squaring up with parents, that school is a nightmare! About damn time!

  4. Yes she is very rude and unprofessional the first day I met her. Please remove her from the school system

  5. Horrible , didnt a teacher rape a kid there ? Mr Brooks the rapist raped the little boys that were in special ed, was recording it in the school and had evidence all over his computer at home

    1. Yes, somehow this “Principal” was able to slither her way out of being accountable for giving keys to Mr. Brooks, a paraprofessional, which allowed him to molest and video the abuse of children for distribution under her leadership. Yet, she was able to keep her position. A terrible miscalculation on the part of the DOE. Karen Hambright-Glover should have been fired then! This same “Principal” also verbally and physically abuse students, especially those whose parents aren’t able to advocate for themselves. This same “Principal” divulges personal information about students and their parents during staff meetings on numerous occasions referring to parents as crack heads and their children as crack babies “who can’t do no better. Real Talk!” ALL those parents she lied on, accusing them of threatening her, misdeeds, and harassment then having her minions cosign the BIG LIE to have those parents banned from the school building. This same “Principal” misappropriate DOE funds slated for students with Special Needs and yet nothing is done. The bones are laying in shallow graves if the DOE simply follow the stench instead of ignoring it. Someone has dropped the ball on many occasions and that person should be held accountable too. In addition to the numerous teachers she has targeted, harrassed and lied on to the point they were afraid to file grievances and simply left. Who’s job is it to monitor the activities of Principals in the district? Improving Schools in D16 begins with proper leadership of those Schools. Not a bully who gets her kicks from degrading students, families, teachers and staff.

  6. I went to that shcool she too rude she thinks everything is a joke when is she going to jail she pay attention to the bad kids and see what there doing and letting them bully people most of the teacher are not up to teachers point there lil kids it’s only 2% and that’s ms freeman and one more ♥️ There up to an teacher point they are there for u. one time I saw and staff pull out and kid just to yell At them for nothing that they didn’t say this is sad that most of these kids have An principal that’s rude tbh if u go there or send yo kid there take them out is she still there ……….. pay attention to what shcool your Kid is going too.

  7. This principal is all about the streets. That hand clapping and yelling at parents will not do! She is a bully and she bullies certain staff members. The dual language class is a total wash out and where is the PTA monies??Her sidekick PC Mason has been accused last year of roughing up a student.

  8. Too bad it only took 16 YEARS for the DOE to act on this outrage! Why such a long slow reaction? So Very Wrong. This is why people turn their backs on public schools and go to Charter schools.

  9. It would amount to a travesty to keep this lady in a leadership role!! The leadership at the district needs to step up!! It shows this small…unimpressive district in a really bad light!!

  10. Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of working at 243 with the cunning, devious and malicious principal Karen Hambright-Glover.
    It is so sad that the Former District 16 Superintendent Ms. Rahesha Amon was aware of Ms. Hambright-Glover’s devious actions towards the students, parents and staff and she stood by and condoned this type of behavior. On one occasion a nasty text message of Ms. Hambright-Glover was given directly to Ms. Amon and her reply was that Ms. Hambright-Glover is entitled to say whatever she wants to say about people because sticks and stones can break your bones but names cannot harm you. But as we all know that this saying is very untrue, because not only stones can hurt words can be fatal to a student and even an adult. Ms. Hambright-Glover is the biggest Bully I have ever met in my life besides Donald Trump. I have personally seen Ms. Hambright-Glover have students tell lies and even to the point of having a whole class write false letters on teachers to get them fired and the teachers would get so fed up until they would leave or retire. Then Ms. Hambright-Glover would reward the students who lied with candy and or gifts. It’s a real shame that Ms. Hambright-Glover treated parents with no respect and was always trying to get parents arrested with her outlandish lies. It had gotten so bad that the police didn’t even want to come to 243 because the police already knew it was another made up lie on a parent especially if the parent spoke back to her. Ms. Hambright-Glover would go as far to say that a parent hit her, which wasn’t true and her crew would back up the lies. Ms. Hambright-Glover rarely held SLT meetings because she was never interested in what the parents or teachers wanted, it was all about her vision and half the time she would make up a sign in sheet for the SLT members to sign on the next day if a SLT meeting wasn’t even held that month. Don’t forget about the PTA monies that have been misappropriated or stolen. It’s really sad that the District allowed this to go on for so long and so many lives were ruined by this woman. Is someone really going to do something about her behavior now or are we going to continue to allow Ms. Hambright-Glover to disgrace District 16 and ruin more children’s lives.

  11. P.S. 243 used to be a great school 🏫. However, when 🤔 there are too many changes in administration, everything goes haywire. I take it this principal is a person of color who is a very poor and shallow individual. I pray that she is removed and kicked out. She is miserable and deemed inappropriate and unworthy of being a principal.

  12. The ECE meeting is tonite at 6pm to determine what happens next. People need to tune in and find out what’s going on in District 16 and PS243. Look up ECE District 16 meetings to join in. Voices need to be heard!!

  13. Have you ever remembered the bully in your class. Well meet the principal of P.S 243k.Yess I’m her former classmate and I came in contact with her cause of my mother. She called my mother out her name so her grown daughter had to refresh her memory of who my family was. After that incident she RESPECTED MY MOTHER. Once she investigated and was told you dont want to go after that one.I hope she remember me now instead of ” I really dont know you” when I step to her.Karen God dont like ugly and payback is Your favorite word B****.
    PS: I hope you lose your pension and benefits for treating people so rudly.

  14. This is outrageous!! How is this socalled leader still in a leadership role? 17 years and still there?? Parents better wake up!!
    Calling staff parents and children out of their names!! She needs to step down. I could NEVER send my children to this school.
    As a parent I expect the District to investigate but parents we must research the leaders of schools where our children attend. YOUR VOICES MATTER. WITHOUT OUR BABIES…THEY WOULD HAVE NO JOBS!!

  15. I was unfortunate to have worked under Karen Hambright-Glover’s leadership and to say the least, it was one of the worst experiences of my entire teaching career! I have NEVER in all my years of teaching, witnessed the level of unprofessionalism from an administrator in my life. From threatening parents, students and staff, forging documents to suit her needs, misappropriating funds, lying about the availability of positions at Weeksville yet refusing to allow a teacher to seek employment elsewhere, willingly keeping a teacher that was known for tampering with test results, allowing parents to come in and threaten to harm staff and not intervening, yet staying in her office, to disciplining staff in front of students as though they were children. It should not have taken the District this long to finally take action! It’s a disgrace to the community, especially the black community. The neighborhood has had a bad reputation to begin with and then you keep someone for 17 years who has brought down the value and reputation of P.S. 243. To witness firsthand the number of enrolled students dramatically drop from year to year is outrageous and sad! I am hoping that the District has finally decided to get rid of her so the P.S. 243 school community can start fresh and rebuild from all the negativity. However, it is disgusting that so many students, parents and staff had to suffer with Hambright-Glover for so long.

  16. It’s unfortunate that these things happened for a long time. I too complained as a parent to the prior Superintendent Rahesha Amon and her attitude was demeaning and dismissive. I blame her also and wonder why she wasn’t removed. Why wasn’t she a topic at the CEC and investigated?

  17. Yessssssss, they finally got rid of her!. I had plenty of meetings with this school. Ms. Hambright wasnt the only disrespectful one. Dr. Wells, her boss, Ms. Pauline and Mr. Jason. They all were a mess!!!

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