Photo: NYC Health and Hospitals.

Brooklyn-based laboratory LabQ Diagnostics has been issued a warning by Attorney General Letitia James after misleading consumers about wait times for COVID-19 tests.

The diagnostics lab, which runs dozens of testing sites across the city, advertises a turnaround for the tests of 48-hours, but a number of people have been left waiting over 96 hours, according to complaints to James’ office.

“With the Omicron wave hitting in the middle of the holiday season, New Yorkers need timely COVID-19 test results more than ever to make decisions about whether they can safely travel or gather with loved ones,” James says in the warning letter.

“LabQ’s own website states, ‘Turnaround Time Matters,’ but so does being honest with consumers.”

The letter orders the company to immediately update its signage at testing sites and on its website to accurately reflect how long people can expect to wait before receiving COVID-19 test results, as per New York law false advertising law.

“LabQ and all other labs should ensure that they are giving consumers accurate information about when to expect test results,” James says.

“Consumers need to have the proper information so they can decide whether to take a rapid or PCR test, as well as to make informed decisions when choosing a testing provider that can meet their needs.”

The letter also says that LabQ must contact all of its customers who are currently awaiting COVID-19 test results to let them know when they can realistically expect to receive those results.

To report labs of testing facilities making misleading statements about their turnaround time for COVID-19 test results, you can file a complaint online with the Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau.

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