In news that will come as little surprise to many in Bed-Stuy, rat sightings in the neighborhood — and across the borough — are on the rise.

Community District 3 has recorded 1,286 sightings this year, up 32% on 2020’s 977 reports, 311 data shows. Most of the critters that were reported to 311, 867 of the 1,286, were in apartments or mixed-used buildings, Patch reports.

The number of rat sightings in the neighborhood is also a 47% increase on 2019.

Across the borough rat sightings are up 54% on the same time last year, and according to a Renthop study Brooklyn has seen the most of the furry critters citywide so far in 2021.

The surge in sightings — up citywide by 29% to more than 25,000 — has been put down to a number of factors, including a drop in reporting during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

The New York Times reports other factors include health inspectors being reassigned to mass-vaccination sites from rat-patrol duty; an unusually wet summer; and the closure of restaurants during the early days of COVID-19, which forced rats to scavenge outside more.

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