When Shari Broomes learned her 2-year-old daughter Mikhaila Bonaparte had dangerously elevated levels of lead in her blood, she did what any parent given bad health news about their child would do: She did research.

She visited websites. She read medical journal articles. She learned about the damage lead does to a young child’s brain, potentially hurting their ability to think and reason for years to come.

“After doing all my research as far as lead poisoning in children, I think I freaked myself [out] more — and worried about her and what would potentially happen to her in the future,” Broomes told THE CITY during a recent interview.

Shari Broomes and her daughter, Mikhaila Bonaparte, in their Tompkins Houses apartment Mikhaila Bonaparte, who lives in a Brooklyn public housing complex long ago deemed free of lead paint, recorded an off-the-charts blood lead level shortly before her third birthday. NYCHA denies there’s any lead in the apartment — […]

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