NYC Tenants Reignite Push for ‘Good Cause’ Eviction Protections, Despite Landlord Opposition

Shortly after a vast real estate firm purchased their Brooklyn building, Ahn Thu Nguyen and Cassie Newsom learned they were losing their homes. The new property owner, Greenbrook Partners, issued each of them a notice saying the management company would not renew their leases at the 30-unit complex on 70 Prospect Park West.

About a mile north, Prospect Heights school teacher Vanessa Figueroa got a knock on the door from a worried neighbor with a similar non-renewal notice. That was in June, not long after Greenbrook bought Figueroa’s 16-unit building; by the beginning of August, seven tenants, including the worried neighbor, were gone.

Supporters of the legislation say property owners, particularly large corporate landlords, should not have the power to abruptly deny leases to existing renters and kick them out of their homes. Property owners say it’ll saddle them with problem tenants. David Brand Tenants and elected officials rally outside tenants at […]

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