A Brownsville grandfather has succumbed to his injuries after being beaten into a coma while he was on his way to work.

Moses James was found lying on the ground near Belmont Ave. and Watkins St. around 4:30am on Sept. 13, the New York Daily News reports.

The 58-year-old was walking to his construction job that morning when he was beaten by the group, who ran away, police said. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital in critical condition and passed away on Friday. His death has been ruled a homicide.

James’ sister Melvina Haynes told the Daily News her brother had injuries to his head, face, other parts of his body.

“How could a human being have that much anger to do that someone, and then walk around? That means that you don’t have a conscience,” she said.

“I think that they deserve to be punished for the crimes that they committed. My brother didn’t deserve to lay out in the street like a dog left to die,” Felicia James, James’ other sister, told the Daily News.

The sisters said that James grew up in Brownsville and East New York and had three grown children.

“He was kind, loving, very family-oriented. He was funny,” Haynes said. “He would crack little jokes, and he was very intelligent… He just really enjoyed family, and he loved his grandchildren and his nieces and nephews.”

Police have made no arrests in the case.


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  1. And when caught these morons will get right out with the NO BAIL RULE… What are these mayors and governors doing to our country… They don’t deserve the positions they were elected for… Always criticizing Gulluani … why… because he made sure the criminals going rampant were brought to justice…and weren’t allowed to go back out and commit more crimes… If it happened to a family member of there’s you’d see how fast these laws would change…It’s a DISGRACE what’s going on in America…. SPINELESS POLITICIANS

  2. Where are officers at? Why aren’t they around these areas 25 hour a day? these young people don’t care about anyone they hurt they continue to kill we have gang forces what are they doing? To many are d
    losing their lives to these criminals get them off our streets

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