Haitian Vodou altar created during a festival for the Guede spirits, Boston, MA. Top right area is offerings to Rada spirits; top left to Petwo spirits; bottom to Gede. Photo: Calvin Hennick, for WBUR Boston/Wikimedia

This weekend, the third annual Festival Minokan will be held in Brooklyn, celebrating songs, dance, drumming and traditions of Haiti in honor of those lost during the pandemic and recent devastating earthquake.

The celebration will be held at Wyckoff Museum and will honor the Petwo spirits, encompassing the full circle of life and death, Wyckoff Museum said in a statement.

The event will be officiated by Haitian songstress and Vodou Priestess Sirene Dantor, who said the community needed the gathering “now more than ever.”

“Celebrating the Petwo spirits is honoring the spirit of fire and of life. This is an opportunity for our community to re-bond through the rhythms that gave Haiti its independence more than 200 years ago.

“Once again we must tune into these rhythms to harness our resilience, our power, and our life.”

Through the celebration, Dantor aims to preserve and share the long-standing traditions with American youth, and offer the Haitian diaspora community the space to gather and collectively heal. 

Traditional Haitian food, beverages, and crafts will be available for purchase and proceeds from the sales will send supplies and first-aid to families in Aux Cayes, Haiti.

Everyone is invited to attend adn learn about the sacred vodou celebration, with background talks and workshops on the Haitian traditions of the Petwo spirits starting at 4:00pm on Sunday.

At 6:00pm, the performers and spiritual leaders will gather to partake in the Petro Ceremony (Seremoni Petwo). 

The celebration will take place outdoors and masks are required for everyone over 2 years old. Festival admission is free.


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