A new fashion collaboration celebrating the connections between sports, equine therapy, and streetwear will be on show in Williamsburg this weekend. And it will have some special guests coming along for the launch.

As part of the launch of the collaboration between sport fashion brand Siegelman Stable and nonprofit horse racing organization Hambletonian Society, two mini horses from Horseability, a New York nonprofit focused on improving the lives of individuals with special needs through equine therapies, will be joining shoppers instore.

The aim of having the horses in Williamsburg was to show the positive impact that equine therapy can have in urban environments like New York City, organizers said.

The range of clothes being released in the launch includes embroidered hats, T-shirts, crewnecks and shorts, retailing from $48 to $88, celebrate family legacy, community building and the history of horsemanship and riding, Siegelman Stable founder Max Siegelman said in a press release.

Max Siegelman is the son of horse trainer Robbie Siegelman, who founded Siegelman Racing Stable in 1982. Max Siegelman launched Siegelman Stable as a fashion label in 2020 as a way to continue the family’s legacy in the world of horse training and as a special nod to the family’s signature Siegelman Racing logo.

He said in the release that the brand’s iconic horse logo was not just about horse training and racing, but about the work the family had done to create philanthropic opportunities through horses, including providing affordable therapeutic rides for special needs individuals and youth in urban areas without easy access to horse riding.

“I set out to do a few things with Siegelman Stable,” Siegelman said. “Number one, bring my dad’s story to life. Secondly, raise awareness to equine therapy and the value it delivers to individuals every day. Thirdly, create clothing that has an appeal to the streetwear crowds and also to the farmers in middle America.”

The Siegelman Stable pop-up store will open from 12:00pm to 7:00pm Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1 at 252 Kent Ave.

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