Although the times may have changed, it seems the names stay the same.

For the third year in a row, 2019 saw Emma and Liam top the charts for the most popular girls’ and boys’ names respectively.

The Health Department recently released data showing Liam continued to lead the charts, with Liam out front since 2016, and Emma since 2017. The data showed 497 Emmas were born last year and 764 Liams.

Whatever their names, theyre perfect to us, Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said. We are proud to welcome our newest New Yorkers to the world.

Nine of the top ten girls names from 2018 stayed on 2019s list, with Sarah dropping off.  Olivia and Isabella swapped positions from second to fifth, and Leah and Ava also switched positions.

Nine of the boys names from 2018 also featured on 2019s list. Alexander dropped out of the top ten and Michael was added.

The top four names remained the same from 2018, and Aiden dropped one spot to the sixth most popular while Lucas moved up to the fifth most popular name. Daniel moved up the popularity rankings and Matthew fell to tenth.

In 2019, the number of babies born in New York City decreased 3.4% on 2018, from 114,296 births to 110,443 (56,516 boys and 53,927 girls). Manhattan saw the most newborns at 42,482, Brooklyn came in second with 27,067, then Queens with 22,606, Bronx with 12,607 and finally Staten Island with 5,681.

Top Ten Girls’ and Boys’ Names in NYC, 2019

  1. Emma / Liam
  2. Olivia / Noah
  3. Sophia / Ethan
  4. Mia / Jacob
  5. Isabella / Lucas
  6. Leah / Aiden
  7. Ava / Daniel
  8. Chloe / Michael
  9. Amelia / David
  10. Charlotte / Matthew

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