There is always an absolute formula in winning at anything. As long as you have set up specific goals and have determined a winning habit, you will never be far from gaining a victory.

Even in gambling, strategic plays are crucial. You just can’t wager and expect to win. In daily fantasy sports, especially in a tournament as big as the Super Bowl, techniques and practical methods can be wielded as routine or even transitory mechanisms to become closer to victory.

Choosing the Contest Types

Players are most excited to pick the lineup, thus skipping the most crucial process in winning the Super Bowl DFS. However, choosing the contest type can be the most critical phase of playing.

For Newbies

If you are only about to launch your pursuit in Super Bowl DFS, you’re probably asking how to win in your first game. Well, 50/50 contests are the right games for you. 

In this contest, you’ll need to stack cards in your favor to earn consistently in a series of weeks. Of your $5-$25 capital, a large amount of money can’t be earned in a single day. That is why you’ll need to do the stacking. Patience is an essential factor in winning. 

For Seasoned Players 

There is a really simple strategy to win if you’re experienced in the business. You’ll only need to leverage on the 80/20 a conventional technique in maintaining your winning reputation.

In this method, you have to dedicate 8% of your capital to 50/50 contests. The 20% remaining must be expended to tournament contests. This technique is pretty simple, but many have defied this rule and ended up losing all their capital.  

The Ultimate DFS Winning Strategy 

In DFS, when you can pay for everyday play, your chance of harvesting profits will be huge. It only takes enough confidence and some application of the proper techniques to win consistently in Super Bowl DFS.     

Play the Beginner’s Contest

If you’ve only signed up for a DFS site, the beginner’s contest is the right one for you. Regardless of the sport you pick, the beginner’s contest can be your introduction to the world of DFS.

For arenas as big as the Super Bowl, there’s nothing to be ashamed of admitting that you’re a beginner. Unless you’re willing to stake money without reluctance, you can skip the beginner’s game. 

However, a beginner should start where a defeat can be manageable. You can’t conquer the waves unless you’re a professional surfer. The same goes for DFS. You can’t gain a fortune if you’re matched with experienced players while you’re still in the tutorial mode.

Understand the Site’s Scoring System

There is a common idea in the Super Bowl DFS scoring system. However, DFS sites don’t operate with unified treatment in scoring.

You can see the gap between the site scoring system if you pick identical lineups in two different DFS sites. There’ll be a strong possibility that you’ll earn in one site and lose on the other. This is why it is crucial to understand any DFS site scoring system. 

At the same time, you need to know how the scores are tabulated. Additionally, a little effort in browsing these websites could serve your curiosity.

Opt for Low Ownership Players

You might be thinking twice about picking low-ownership players. While it’s not decent to have a lineup full of low-ownership players, picking one can make you earn more points. 

According to the survey, the majority of the DFS winners pick a lineup with at least two players that are 20% owned. This has seriously affected the result of the game where they were favored with unanticipated extra points.

The bottom line is that low ownership players shouldn’t be much differentiated from the highly owned. At some point, these players can help you win millions overnight.

Go Over Injury Reports

If you are playing for cash games, you just can’t anticipate a star player who has recently hit the headlines due to an injury. 

You have to monitor who’s active and absent in the scheduled practice games. There could be a player who hasn’t appeared in practice but is present in the tournament. In this case, low ownership could be to your advantage.

Remember to always go for healthy players. Put your trust in players who are consistent in their game performances.

Manage Your Prizes

Super Bowl DFS is a lot different compared to other sports. The interval between games is a lot shorter than any sports. 

You might find yourself with a deserted bankroll after spending all your winnings in the following games. A hot streak fuels the player’s confidence. However, overconfidence could lead to an immense amount of loss. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with aiming for greater earnings, but it could renounce all of your win streaks if you fail to spend your prizes properly.


The Super Bowl is the last game of the season, and it’s the final arena where you can get a chance to win in DFS. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, earning profit should be one of your major motivations in signing up. Hence, coming after game strategies is a decent route in fulfilling your goal.

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