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The Fair and Accurate Census Act provides the Census Bureau with the authority and tools to navigate the obstacles of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo Credit: FLICKR

On Wednesdaay, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform introduced legislation to support a fair Census 2020, in the wake of significant national delays.

The Fair and Accurate Census Act works to ensure that the Census Bureau can successfully execute a fair and accurate 2020 Census for the American people.

The bill was created in response to the Census Bureau’s March announcement of significant data delays due to Coronavirus. Although updates were requested by the committee the Census provided no updates and extended their timeframe for data collection to October 31, 2020.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, extending our nation’s 2020 Census operations is a safe and essential step in ensuring all communities are represented and accurately counted,” said Committee Vice-Chairman Jimmy Gomez.

“We simply cannot allow an undercount of our communities to result in millions of lost federal funding to support small businesses, schools, healthcare systems, and other critical services and resources. There is far too much at stake.”

The Census Act will not only ensure the Census Bureau has adequate resources to achieve a complete and accurate count. But will also ensure data accuracy by modifying the 2020 Census data delivery deadlines and requiring monthly status reports to Congress.

Congress has a responsibility to uplift the Census. This bill will enable the committee to address the reality of an ongoing public health crisis, ensuring that the Bureau has all the resources needed to obtain data, regardless of the obstacles COVID-19 presents.

“The coronavirus has created significant challenges to carrying out the decennial Census,” said Government Operations Subcommittee Chairman Gerry Connolly. “The Fair and Accurate Census Act will provide flexibility and transparency to ensure a fair and complete count.”

Click here to read the Fair and Accurate Census Act.

Kimberlean Donis

Kimberlean Donis is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn. She is a student at both London City University and Williams College majoring in Political Science, Art History, and Africana Studies.

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