For Black History Month, Brooklyn Children’s Museum will kick off its latest exhibit, the “Black Future Festival,” a week-long Afro-futurist themed celebration, beginning Monday, February 17 – Sunday, February 23, just in time for the mid-winter break!

The museum has partnered with musician-artist Kwame Brandt-Pierce to seven days of activities revolving around an imagined universe inspired by the African Diasporan cultures around the world.

Some of this week’s highlights include TRiPTIC–an Afrofuturist galaxy; ColorLab, a chance to create decoding googles with Dr. Shabazz B. Spacely as your guide; and meet JuB JuB and other creatures, and handle objects only found in the TRiPTIC galaxy.

Children will get a chance to journey through their imagination, dive into the past, and learn more about the Black visionaries who do amazing things to help shape the globe!

Black Future Festival at Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Photo: Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Take a look at this week’s program schedule:

Holding Future

February 17 – 23 | 11:30am

Meet a JuB JuB, a nocturnal rodent of TRiPTIC and hold other objects that are key to understanding the TRiPTIC universe.

Object Odyssey | Collections Tour

February 17 – 23 | 2:30pm

How are the past, present, and future connected through the objects we make? BCM Collections team invites you downstairs, below the Museum, and into the past to explore special collections objects from African Diasporan cultures around the world.

TRiPTIC Tree Sculpture

February 17 – 23 | 1pm – 4pm

How does a TRiPTIC tree look and feel? Co-create a super-powered tree that can grow and thrive in the Sonic Forests of Teluron Prime!

Reflection Room | Black Future Festival Edition

February 17 – 23 | 12pm – 4pm

What does it mean to be visionary? Visionary people often gather wisdom from the past to create the future. Whether they are relatives or world leaders, fill the walls of this room with the names of Black visionaries who you admire!

Black Future Festival at Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Photo: Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Intergalactic Sound Session

February 17 – 23 | 2pm – 5pm

What does TRiPTIC sound like? Use your voice, body, instruments, and unexpected materials to create and a soundscape inspired by the TRiPTIC universe.

TRiPTIC in ColorLab

February 17 – 19, 21 – 22 | 11am – 5pm

February 20 & 23 | 12pm – 6pm

Explore objects and imagery from TRiPTIC and design your own decoding goggles for your TRiPTIC travels!

Open Mic

February 20 | 4:30 – 5:30pm

Share a story, poem, song, or your vision for the future on an open community stage!  Original offerings are encouraged and poems and text by Black visionaries are available to recite in creative ways.

Dr. Shabazz B. Spacely’s Cabinet of Intergalactic Curiosities

February 22 & 23 | 2pm & 3pm

In this interactive performance, children travel on a spaceship with Dr. Shabazz B. Spacely, Cosmic Xenologist, as he takes them on a tour of the Sonic Forests of Teluron Prime.


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