There are a lot of wineries in New York City. However, looking for a decent one where you can enjoy excellent wines, good food, friendly service, and an intimate atmosphere can be a challenge.

Whether you are looking for a romantic spot or a great place to drink with friends, you would want a spot that doesn’t only serve good wine but also provides a perfect ambiance that makes the entire experience enjoyable. 

On this list, you’ll find places where you’ll sip your next best wine experience in New York. Read on.

Rooftop Reds

Roof Reds is a winery located at 299 Sands St building 275 in Brooklyn. It’s the perfect place to watch Brooklyn’s fantastic sunset with a glass wine.

This place provides unforgettable local scenery and fantastic wines from its urban rooftop vineyard. It’s perfect for afternoon dates or early-night wine sipping with friends.

You may also want to check out their weekly activities to socialize and enjoy your wine choice while getting along with the crowd.

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen is a cozy Williamsburg wine bar located at 295 Grand St. in Brooklyn.

The famous lead singer of LCD Sound System, James Murphy, owned this bar. You may expect that this wine bar is loud and grand, but it is a perfect combination of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic and with a modern yet sophisticated vibe.

Enjoy wines from their well-curated list with Horseman’s fantastic cheese platters, oysters or homemade bread, and gnocchi.

The bar is also perfect for late-night wine drinking and is often the to-go place of hipster wine-lovers in New York.

Ruffian Wine Bar and Chef’s Table

Ruffian is a cozy bar that offers an elaborate 250 wine choices that include natural wines like orange. They also provide plenty of Greek, Hungarian, and Croatian wines.

You’ll surely find something new to taste every time you visit Ruffian. Complete your wine experience by pairing it with their well-curated menu.

The place is a perfect reflection of the artistic and relaxing atmosphere. It is a must-visit place for a night out with friends, casual dates, or pre-gaming nights. Visit Ruffian at 125 E 7th St, New York.

Vanguard Wine Bar

Vanguard is a French wine bar located at the upper west side, 189 Amsterdam Ave. It has an open layout and a fun atmosphere that’s perfect for groups of friends.

You can enjoy great cheese and meat platters, open bar, live music, friendly crowd, and, of course, a great selection of French Wine. 

Before going, you may want to refresh yourself with some fantastic French wine options. Check out Sokolin’s Dom Perignon Wine Selection online.

Dom Perignon is one of the best luxury French wines you can taste. A vintage of Dom can give you a hedonistic experience that you won’t forget.

Have and Meyer Chetteria

Have and Meyer is an Italian wine bar in 103 Havemeyer St in Brooklyn. It is perhaps the most Italian wine bar in New York that only features a purely Italian wine list.

You’ll enjoy its chic and rustic atmosphere with several Italian antiques all over the place. You can also take a sip of orange and natural wines with Italian dishes at a reasonable price. 

Don’t miss their regular meet-the-wine-grower events where you can enjoy contests. You’ll also meet local growers and perhaps learn a thing or two about natural wines.

Red Hook Winery

Red Hook Winery serves as a must-visit place for any wine lover. You’ll find this winery at 175 Van Dyke St in Brooklyn.

You’ll enjoy sipping your wine by the pier while looking at a one of a kind view of the Statue of Liberty. You can also opt for a wine tour or enjoy their cheese platters in their tasting room.

This winery is also perfect for romantic dates where you can intimately celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The Statue of Liberty is also an ideal backdrop for a proposal.

June Wine Bar

June’s brick-walled war bar and relaxing back patio decked with string lights located at 231 Court St in Brooklyn.

The wine bar’s friendly atmosphere is perfect for the first days and night out with friends. It can be overly packed, but it’s also an ideal reason to meet new friends around the city.

It offers more than 170 choices of fantastic natural wines, which include some unusual red, ros, and oranges that perfectly pair with their artisanal menu.

If you’re looking for a popular choice, ask for their weekly favorites and pair it with their roasted trout. You’ll engage your palate for a fantastic experience.

Roberta’s Pizza

Roberta’s proves that pizza can go well with wine. Their traditional wood-fired pizza goes well with their natural wine list that includes orange and California wines.

This place is perfect for catching up with friends while sharing a pizza. You’ll surely start the night early and end late because of the cozy atmosphere. Time is irrelevant when you’re having fun with friends in a chill place.

You’ll also enjoy your wine and pizza in their outdoor tiki bar and rooftop garden. The place is sometimes crowded, but it’s proof that it is one of the best in New York. You can visit Roberta’s at 261 Moore St in Brooklyn.


Finding a spot to enjoy and drink requires a thorough search. You might miss the perfect spot by limiting your go-to places in New York.

Give yourself a chance to explore and try out the bars and wineries from this list. Your perfect wine bar might just be sitting a few blocks away, waiting to be discovered. 

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