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Photo credit: Water Whisper News

Celebrate Eastern European culture, learn how to ‘drink like a Russian’ and make new friends at the annual Vodka and Pickles Festival

Photo credit: Water Whisper News

The folks of the Vokda and Pickles Festival are inviting the Brooklyn community-at-large to discover the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe with vodka, pickles, art and live music during their annual celebration on Saturday, March 18 at Grand Prospect Hall.

According to the festival’s organizers, vodka has been proven to be a good companion for meaningful conversations and positive vibrations. Oh…and they love pickles! The festival is focused on providing a fun and educational atmosphere for guests to experience new vodka drinks and foods. Thus, for that full educational experience, guests can expect with their general admission tickets unlimited vodka-based mixed drinks, pickles and hors-d’oeuvres.

And more.

Belarussian electronic rock band Prosspekt. Photo credit: Prosspekt

The electronic-rock, synthpop band Prosspekt will heat it up on stage. The Belarussian band moved to New York in 2013 and has since taken over the U.S. with concerts, festivals and TV-projects, and also nabbed a “National Music Award. The Gypsy punk rocker and variety actor Pasha Newmer will also take center stage with his accordion and perform both classical compositions as well as popular sounds of a variety of genres. Art lovers may explore an exhibit by modern fine artist Oleg Bachorav.

Punk rocker Pasha Newmer is known to amaze with his accordion. Photo credit: Wikimedia

The proceeds of the Vodka and Pickles Festival benefit the Palm of Hope Charity, a nonprofit organization that supports families with kids with life-threatening or incurable diseases in Eastern Europe, providing them with essential nutrition and critical medical equipment. So…while exploring Eastern European drinks, foods and arts you can also do good!

And if you are unsure about your tolerance for vodka, the festival organizers have few tips on “how to drink like a Russian”: After finishing your first shot, you shouldn’t immediately reach for food –  before you can start eating, you have to have another one. Also, drink plenty of water to prevent a possible hangover. And: Russians also believe that pickles can save you – their brine is a popular hangover cure – and they go especially well with vodka.

In that sense: “Tvoe zdorovie!” (“To your health!”)

For more details and to purchase tickets, go here.

Vodka and Pickles Festival

When: Saturday, March 13| 12;00pm or 3:00pm (two sessions)| $50 – $65
Where: Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215



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