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Each bag of Cuzin's Duzin donuts comes with a warning: 'Caution: Contents are extremely addictive.'

Cuzin’s Duzin isn’t your average donut shop, and owner Todd “The Donutologist” Jones isn’t your average donut maker.

Each bag of Cuzin’s Duzin donuts comes with a warning: ‘Caution: Contents are extremely addictive.’

“Cuzin’s Duzin is not just a donut, it’s an experience,” according to Todd “The Donutologist” Jones, the owner of the Cuzin’s Duzin mini-donut shop.

Lately, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the unique experience offered by the DeKalb Market Hall vendor, particularly its ‘Donuts for Grown-Ups.’ These mini-donuts drizzled with an alcohol-infused glaze have drummed up attention on Cuzin’s Duzin’s Facebook page and, more recently, have been featured in digital news platforms such as Circa.

The internet hype may just be the beginning for Cuzin’s Duzin’s Donuts for Grown-Ups; Jones has been experimenting with the combination of his fluffy mini-donuts and alcohol-infused glazes for four years. Ciroc was the first liquor he used for this concept. Since then, Jones has created Hennessy, pink and red Moscato, and Coquito glazes. But be warned: don’t sleep on tasting these flavors. Jones says the glazes are always in rotation because there is an abundance of different liquors he can use to create new glazes flavors.

Todd “The Donutologist” Jones, owner of Cuzin’s Duzin, has been perfecting donut-making for 44 years.

And he has had plenty of time to think of mini-donut innovations. Introduced to the craft of donut-making when he was fifteen years old, Jones has been working on perfecting the donut for 44 years. He was a baker at Dunkin Donuts for 20 years before becoming an entrepreneur in 1992. Today, he operates Cuzin’s Duzin and Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts, a gourmet mini-donut catering company, with his team that includes his business partner Eric ‘Easy-Glaze’ Santiago, Jones’s daughter, nicknamed ‘the Donut Princess,’ and his son, ‘the Donut Prince.’ They have served their donuts to Michelle Obama, celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, Steve Harvey and rappers Nas and LL Cool J, and they hope to widen their reach when they open up a new store at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island within the next couple of weeks.

Cuzin’s Duzin’s pink Moscato glaze adds a fruity flavor to the fluffy donuts.

But Jones has dreams bigger than any store location can contain. “My ultimate goal is to actually get my own Food Network show, where I’m doing something similar to the guy that does the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, where he goes around the country,” Jones said. “I want to do all donut shops across the world.”

And with the way people react to Cuzin’s Duzin’s donuts, he is well on his way to becoming a donut superstar.

“I’ve had grown men — and I’m talking about grown, burly men — eat the donuts and say ‘Bro, bring it in. Gotta hug,’” said Jones. “I’ve had women tell their husbands, ‘Honey, I love you, but this man here has to come home with us.’ It’s just amazing stuff like that.”


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