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Jennifer Dziura (center) and attendees at The Bullish Conference, photo by Bhavya Reddy

The Bullish Society is a virtual feminist community founded to help women to Get Bullish about their money and their career decisions.

Jennifer Dziura (center) and attendees at The Bullish Conference, photo by Bhavya Reddy

Jennifer Dziura, founder of Get Bullish, is a bold woman. Her voice, confident and honest, has led women to make the most of their money and their career decisions. Since 2010, Dziura has written a career column for women called Get Bullish: Aggressive Lady Advice. From there, she developed a virtual community (rightfully called The Bullish Society) that has 350 members all over the country.

“I started Get Bullish because I saw a lot of career advice being given to women that was not as assertive as it should be,” Dziura says. “It was all too wishy-washy.”

Now, because of Dziura’s entrepreneurship, healthy and progressive advice can end up in your inbox. The range of topics seems endless; Dziura offers the “Bullish Guide to Capitalism” as well as advice about more personal matters like “What to Do About Your Racist Family.”

Dziura makes it clear that she takes her work very seriously. She defines “aggressive lady advice” primarily through her book The 10 Principles of Bullishness where she successfully conveys the importance of multiple income streams, work-life balance and being assertive.

Dziura’s e-book: 10 Principles of Bullishness

On the Bullish Society website, Dziura writes, “[The Bullish Society is for] anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to Get Bullish about her career and life.”

Dziura has made sure that her feminist community is inclusive and informative. She adds, “Some of us are free agents or entrepreneurs, while most of us have a more traditional daily grind. Women (and nonbinary folks) of all fields and experience levels are welcome.”

Although Bullish members do not meet in person throughout the year, in 2013, Dziura began the Bullish Conference, an annual conference that is intended for “career-focused” feminists. The conferences have taken place in Washington DC and Miami, to name a few, and the next will be in Palm Springs, CA. Aside from the annual meeting, there are also webinars and live chats that Dziura leads to ensure that the Bullish Society is accessible for all.

The Bullish Society emerges next to other feminist groups such as The Wing or Ladies Get Paid. The difference between The Bullish Society and the other feminist groups, Dziura said, is that The Bullish Society is not an in-person entity. In fact, according to Dziura, the society attracts introverts who often enjoy long-form reading. It also is more accessible: A membership to the Bullish Society costs $10 a month, whereas groups like The Wing amount to $215 a month.

The 2015 Bullish Conference, photo by Bhavya Reddy

Dziura’s ambition does not end there. She also has a store that sells feminist apparel and household items  – everything a woman needs to Get Bullish.

To learn more about Get Bullish and the Bullish society, go to


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