LinkNYC Free WiFi Kiosks: underused, but highly useful

By Ghazala Irshad

Until last year, payphones on the streets of New York remained neglected relics of a bygone era from B.C. (Before Cellphones).

Now, theyre being transformed into LinkNYC kiosks: high-tech, multifunctional portals connecting New Yorkers through fast and free Wi-Fi.

A team of tech companies commissioned by city of New York plans to install 7,500 LinkNYC kiosks across the five boroughs over the next eight years, and several have already popped up in Brooklyn. To find a Link near you, visit this map.

Equipped with advanced communication technology, LinkNYC kiosks can be used for more than just phone calls. If youre lost, find your way using a digital map service installed on the tablet. If your device loses its battery life while youre out and about, you can plug it in to recharge at the next kiosk you come across. And no, you dont have to worry about your devices data being compromised — the stations dont transfer data.

An encrypted private WiFi network is also available. Any information you enter into the kiosk is anonymized and only reviewed to inform the advertising that appears on the sides as digital billboards.

Its because of these advertising partnerships that all LinkNYC services are 100 percent free to the public and not charged to taxpayers. In fact, these sponsorships are estimated to generate more than half a billion dollars in revenue for the City of New York.

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  1. These insidious LinkNYC signs are a hiding place for deadly 5G coming soon. Just like the fake flag poles.

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