Are you over it already? I mean, the whole wacky presidential situation has become a frickin’ pain in the Putin.

I’ve taken many measures in the last few weeks, to un-enslave myself to the 24-hour news cycle dominated by one bumbling man and his creepy band of inept minions. It’s not easy, because the dude is everywhere. But this weekend event guide is your stay-caytion from the Trump onslaught.

Granted, he slips into your dreams via Twitter and makes you hate puppies, but you probably hate puppies anyway. You might also secretly hate cats, but you won’t admit it because cats can read your thoughts, and they might attack your face when you’re taking a disco nap on the couch.

I actually recommend disco naps, especially if you attend daytime activities and also want to go out at night, but it can’t be more than thirty minutes, or you’ll start going into REM sleep and wake up at 2am to a bunch texts messages calling you a flake (of course he drops bombs on Syria after I wrote this column, but before it was published).

Here’s some things you can do this weekend.

National Beer Day, FRIDAY APRIL 7TH

If you don’t like good beer, then you’re probably tapping my phone instead of tapping kegs, in which case, you should have a wall built around you and forced fed Bud Light til you puke it up. OK, maybe not, but c’mon, it’s so much good beer in the world and if you’re still walking back to your crib with a six pack of Corona for your lady friend, then you both should investigate some of the cooler places that are celebrating National Beer Day, with special beers and in many places, free beer.

Yup, you heard that right: free beer and you don’t even need to pretend you wanna rush some wack fraternity in return. Just show up and imbibe some brew. You know what, I won’t even give you the low down on the super free spots, because they have enough promotion with the free angle, but it’s places doing contests and trivia and flights of fermented yeast and barley, and doing it lovely, that you should know about.

craft beer out in the ‘Bush

NBD: Island To Island Brewery, 642 Rogers Avenue, 4pm-10pm (Flatbush)

As a Farm Brewery, these guys are probably gonna give you something surprising when it comes to their beer offering for National Beer Day. They are all about the seed to spirit concept, which means that you can taste New York State produce in a variety end products; from Kombucha and cold pressed juices to yummy, vegan friendly dishes, but on Friday, beer is the focus. If I was you, which i’m not and hence this is just a suggestion, but getting a seed to spirit flight sounds like a super dope Friday evening. Support your local fly af spots, because it’s the Brooklyn thing to do.

Beer Is near and dear

NBD: Bed Vyne Brew, 370 Tompkins Street, 6pm-9pm, free (Bed-Stuy)

The crew at Bed Vyne Brew are sticking to their craft beer guns and have put together some fun. It’s a trivia contest (about Brooklyn and beer), where you can win free pours and free growlers, branded merch give-aways, mini burritos from B’klyn Burro, and DJ Dick At Nite (me). Celebrating the end of prohibition back on April 7th,1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act allowed for low alcohol content beer (3.2% and under) to be produced in America…which formed lines at breweries.

Loveeeee chocolate

JunXion and The Chocolate Factory, Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory, 288 Siegel, Friday, April 7th, 9pm-3:30am, $20-$30

I could wax poetic about this party, but I’m not a poet and I don’t wax. If you love chocolate, in a non-Tinder way, and also love to get up on your good foot, then this could be your Shangri La. I’m not really sure where Shangri La is, but apparently they have a Trader Joe’s express and roadside Taco trucks that will make you smack someone’s moms. In fact, here’s some words taken directly from their Facebook event page

Welcome to a world of pure imagination.

On April 7th join us as we team up with FINE & RAW chocolate for a night of dance, wonder, and magick.

Music By:
Nickodemus & 2Melo
Tasha Blank
Jimmy Lopez Percussionist

Featuring the cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Johnny Depp Wonka vs Gene Wilder Wonka, Sing alongs, JunXion Vision, Umpa Loompa’s VS the Oh La La’s, Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Yes, there will be Chocolate.

Click the above link that’s blue and it will take you straight to the event page. Also eep in mind that the $20 tickets are limited and you might wanna check that out sooner than later.

Boogie down to Keith Shocklee

Bump & Hustle, Bed Vyne Brew, 370 Tompkins Avenue, 9pm, Free (BedStuy)

Bump & Hustle is an all vinyl, monthly party at Bed Vyne Brew, and this week they have the legendary Hank Shocklee (produer Bomb Squad/Public Enemy) in the booth, along with Johnny Q. Bump & Hustle is brought to you by resident DJ’s Jeremy From The Block and Gee Rock and puts the boogie in your butt. They even bring in their own disco ball to take you higher as you high step and swivel hip your way to a fun Saturday night. This weekend should be extra fun as Hanks Shocklee brings his encyclopedic knowledge of wreckords and a classic, funky vibe.

Spring is in the air

Get Lit Or Die Trying-Daze Summit (Day4), Kymberlie Project, 1332 Atlantic Avenue, Sunday, 6pm-11am, $15-$20 (BedStuy)

This is day four of the Spring Break Summit, which unfolds all over Manhatan and Brooklyn. It sounds like tons of fun and is for a good cause. It’s definitely a party with a purpose, as the organizer, Scott Morris, has teamed with The Future Project and the Deans List Tour, to give you a week full of music. Money raised helps put kids through college, which helps end the culture and legacy of poverty, in inner cities. You should click here to get more information and to purchase tickets.

Now hit the Brooklyn streets and drop a comment here if you find anything ridiculously fun this weekend.

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