Live On Air Restaurant
Live On Air Restaurant

A brand new restaurant in Prospect Heights is so alive, so fresh, so forward, it’s dominating the air waves! Literally!

Located at 335 Flatbush Avenue, Live On Air Restaurant specializes in American cuisine with a Louisiana influence. But there’s something else that makes the eatery so special: It is the first live broadcast restaurant in the country to offers its patrons access to live, interactive entertainment.

It is designed to be the worlds first true live broadcast restaurant, where things all day, everyday are broadcast live on social media; from things going on in the kitchen, to interview and segmented shows, to karaoke and live segmented comedy,” said Joe Barbour, the restaurant’s owner

Live On Air, Owner, Joe Barbour, Prospect Heights
Live On Air Owner, Joe Barbour, a Prospect Heights native

Barbour said he first thought of opening the social media saloon, Live On Air. in 1998, after watching the movie The Truman Show, starring Jim Carey. If you recall in the film, the main character, played by Carey, is starring in a reality show and he doesnt know it. He says a friend suggested that they open up a Truman Show for a restaurant.

He liked the idea, but the technology to pull it off was too expensive to implement at the time.

Fast forward almost two decades later, and enter social media platforms such as Ustream, Livestream, Periscope and now Facebook Live. So Barbour decided it was time to make his vision a reality.

Everything can be broadcasted live from or to the restaurant on social media platforms, so friends and family can watch see you at any time, and more specifically, watch you perform. For those restaurant-goers who are a little camera shy and prefer not to be recorded, they can request not to be filmed.

Live, broadcast, booth, LOA, Restaurant
The Live Broadcast Booth at Live On Air Restaurant

We dont want to get too personal with peoples lives, we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, said Barbour.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, there is a live-broadcast booth with cameras, chairs, lights and microphones. Its a dining experience like no other.

But hold on! The restaurant’s stock isn’t invested entirely in its gambit; the menu also is broadcast-worthy. Some popular, must-have dishes at Live On Air include the “Mac and Say Cheese, Chef Bobbys Cornflake Chicken and Waffles, a Cajun Shrimp and Grits dish and for dessert, authentic Bourbon Street Beignets– classic French New Orleans Donuts in powdered sugar with strawberries and Bourbon Butterscotch dipping sauce.

Main, Chef, Bobby
Main Chef, Bobby

Originally from Louisiana, Chef Bobby has worked as a professional chef for 18 years in cities including Chicago, New Orleans and, of course, New York.

Live On Air also serves classic American favorites, like the LOA Burger, Chicken Sandwich and a Triple Chocolate Brownie A La Mode.  The food is always fresh and delicious.

Barbour says his inspiration to run a lively restaurant came from his diverse experience working in the hospitality industry at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels in New York, Las Vegas and San Diego.

He grew up around a family of actors, actresses, singers and dancers, and he he’s a writer and actor himself.

Ive always had a passion for film and theatre,” said Barbour.

In fact, many of the employees at his restaurant work in entertainment, and Barbour hopes that the Live broadcast feature of his establishment will help them gain more recognition in their careers.

The name Live On Air also has a cultural significance.  The acronym LOA represents the spirits of Louisiana Voodoo. The decor of the restaurant embraces this.

Live On Air is definitely a place to check out! In fact, if you mention this article from the BK Reader, you will receive one free appetizer!

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