Where is Brooklyn at?


“On the 6th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me…” For 12 days leading up to Christmas, BK Reader is highlighting 12 local businesses across Central and East Brooklyn that are great for holiday shopping!



Jordan Heads BK, 302 Malcolm X Boulevard (BedStuy)

Where is Brooklyn at?
Where is Brooklyn at?

Jordan Heads BK really hit a home run. Michael Jordan is the Everready battery of brands, because it just keeps on going and going and going. I mean, the man hasn’t played basketball for quite a while. He retired two years before Kanye said Bush doesn’t care about Black people– live during the Hurricane Katrina fundraiser.

And even that early, awkward, Kanye moment is a little fuzzy to fifteen year old kids, who comprise a prime customer demo for Air Jordans. But the marketing machine that is Brand Jordan is super strong and the shoes and apparel always look dope.

So with that said, you probably have a Jordan Head on your Christmas list, and though you can head out to a national chain and get the new Space Jams or maybe go online and find some classic Jordan’s, you’ll be hard pressed to replicate the total Brand Jordan immersion, and doing it at a Brick & Mortar shop, in BedStuy at that.

Yes, you can pre-order the Space Jams, but you can also buy Jordan branded pillows, hats, jackets, while perusing their selection of classic vintage Jordans, that draws people to the store from around the world. Go check them out, your Jordan Head would really appreciate it!

They even have limited edition skateboards with Air Jordan inspired designs!

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