Havent been to Photoville? Dont worry, theres still time!

New York Citys premier photography show will continue to run Friday September 23 – Sunday September 25 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Featuring over 400 artists in a combination of 80 shows, the event offers something for everyone, in a seemingly endless display of works in a space parked neatly beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Somehow the shipping containers dont feel out of place along the waterfront, as Photoville Cofounder and United Photo Industries (UPI) Executive Director Laura Roumanos explained, We originally set up on the pier, which was part of the inspiration for the shipping containers.

Virtual Reality Show by NYC SALT
Virtual Reality Show by NYC SALT

Walking in and around the containers, audiences can expect to see unique perspectives that cover a range of stories and topics as diverse as NYC SALTs virtual reality based portraiture show, to the possibility of dog adoption in Flower Power.

Curated by Sophie Gamand, rescue-pit bulls are adorned with flowers to soften the animal’s (often) negative connotation. The pups will make live appearances throughout the weekend, and are most all still up for adoption.

With so many stunning displays and standalone shows, its hard to imagine putting it all together. But as Roumanos sad, We really curate the curators, speaking of the way so many artists come to work in such different styles and genres.

The works also presented in a variety of forms: hanging polaroids, tapestries, video slideshows, projections and screen based works.

Water Stories
Water Stories

And as so many artists were mindful of the use of lighting, nighttime is really when Photoville comes to life. With the night sky exaggerating many of the works, and the juxtaposition against the lights of Manhattan, the show takes an entirely different form.

Stepping outside of the main event be sure to check out Water Stories by Mustafa Abdelaziz, an impressive exhibition documenting his travels across four continents documenting the global water crisis. Each piece is accompanied by facts about the earth’s deteriorating major waterways and the endangered cultures they support.

The show leaves one with mixed feelings of inspiration at the beauty of the planet, yet distress at the imminent dangers the plant and this very country has to confront.

Quarantine Area
Quarantine Area

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