Ghost Bike, Petition, Bicycle, Bike Lane, Classon Avenue, Clinton Hill, NYPD, Brooklyn
Ghost Bike, Petition, Bicycle, Bike Lane, Classon Avenue, Clinton Hill, NYPD, Brooklyn

The sister of a killed cyclist in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn is petitioning for a bike lane to be installed on Classon Avenue; the street on which her sister was struck and killed, according to the NYPD.

Lauren Davis, a 34-year-old Weeksville resident, was riding against traffic on Classon when she was fatally struck by a car at the intersection of Classon and Lexington Avenue. The car’s driver stayed at the scene. Police reported that the motorist fainted in shock when she realized Davis had been hit.

At the time of the accident in April, most of Classon Avenue had been reduced from two lanes to one “due to a high number of crashes on the street.” However, the street still lacks a bike lane. This week, pro-cycling activist group Transportation Alternatives circulated an online petition backed by Davis’ sister, Danielle, calling for the lack of a bike lane on Classon Avenue to be changed.

“I started this petition because I believe the most vulnerable people on Classon Avenue and every New York City street should be protected,” Davis said in a statement released by TransAlt, “instead of being forced to fend for themselves, which is disgraceful.”

Citing NYPD statistics, the group claimed that a total of 67 cyclists and 98 pedestrians have been injured on Classon Avenue since 2009, in addition to two individuals who have been killed.
As of Friday afternoon, the petition had garnered more than 4,800 signatures, out of a goal of 5,000.

In a press release, Community Board 2 and Community Board 3, who collectively represent much of Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, there contacted regarding the petition.

“We have not received anything from Transportation Alternatives about a bike lane on Classon Avenue,” said CB3 district manager Henry Butler.

Robert Perris, the district manager for CB2, also said that neither TransAlt nor the Department of Transportation had contacted the board about the proposal, adding that it was therefore too early to comment on the matter.

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