Bounce, basketball opera, east flatbush
Bounce - a basketball opera Photo Credit: Will Ehrenreich
Bounce, basketball opera, east flatbush
Bounce – a basketball opera
Photo Credit: Will Ehrenreich

This weekend, Brooklynites are invited to enjoy a new take on the traditional opera performances that are popularized on television and in movies.  According to a recent report, the show is called “Bounce” and it focuses on a high school basketball star who becomes the victim of gun violence  at his local playground.  In keeping with the theme of the the performance, the unique opera will take place on an East Flatbush basketball court at Paerdefat Park on June 25-27.  In addition to the special setting the producers plan to delight the audience with young opera stylings, dancers and budding actors.

Although the production is aimed at teens who can easily relate to the circumstances in the story, the producers recognize that young adults in that category often shy away from opera related art.

“Hopefully some kids come out and see what this play is about — it can motivate kids and adults who associate with those lifestyles to change and focus on what is best for the community and future,” said Jacob Johnson, an aspiring actor at Northeastern Academy in East Flatbush.

It’s important to recognize that during the performance, the actors are actually playing very real basketball games in order to move through the plot.  While their main focus allows audiences to enjoy the story, their display of vocal strength and stamina is also a sight to behold.  The producers hope that the guerilla performances will help sharpen the entire production before they take the show on the road to other locations.

“Bounce” at the basketball courts at Paerdegat Park [E. 40th Street between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road in East Flatbush, (212) 639–9675,]. June 25–27 at 6 pm. Free.

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