Photo from Alexander Gorlin Architects
Photo from Alexander Gorlin Architects
Photo from Alexander Gorlin Architects

Both the residents and the media in the East New York area have been closely watching the development process of a new affordable housing complex called Nehemiah Spring Creek.  Since 2012, whispers of the planned development grew into full press coverage and excitement in the neighborhood.  According to the most recent report on the complex, the building has entered its fourth stage of production, allowing potential residents to submit applications to get the process started.

In a statement released by the spokesperson for the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development, officials attempted to directly respond to the slow process that as shrouded the gleaming hope surrounding the new buildings.

“The City is committed fully to the success of the Nehemiah Spring Creek Project at Gateway Estates. This is a large-scale reconstruction that requires considerable interagency coordination. It was always planned to be a multi-phase project with both 1-2 family homes and multi-family rentals. HPD and our partner city agencies have been working closely with the development team to move the project forward and to ensure its affordability.”

The building has guidelines that should allow each resident to have a new home that boasts nearly 1,640 square feet of residential space and their own personal parking spot.  Upon final completion, the complex will offer 225 brand new homes and over 1200 new apartments.  As East New York residents try to wait out the process, only time will tell if these homes will satisfy a sincere need in the immediate future.

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