“Recently, Janet Jackson shocked the world with the news that she would be postponing her tour in an effort to start a family. While many were in disbelief because they thought they wouldnt be getting a refund on their concert tickets, most were shocked because they thought at 50 years old, she must be too old. Jackson hasn’t detailed how she and her husband will expand their family unit, but if she did decide to carry a child, it wouldn’t be the first time weve heard of successful pregnancies after the age of 40. After all, Mariah Carey did it. Halle Berry has done ittwice!

Read more at EBONY https://www.ebony.com/life/janet-jackson-pregnancy-old-age#ixzz46qlC9sE0

Chanel Alli

Chanel is a dynamic standup comic and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her commanding writing style and story-teller style allow her to cover a plethora of topics with a unique flare.

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