Natural landscape and sun rising at skyline
Natural landscape and sun rising at skyline
Natural landscape and sun rising at skyline

I never understood the conversation about the Light. Your light. “She shines so bright.” Your presence lights up the room. She brings the light.” “She’s so bright” What I used say about myself was “I bring the party” I never thought of myself as bringing the light.

People would often say that to me and I had no idea what the light meant. It would make me feel uncomfortable as, I thought they knew something that I should know and I didn’t. I would get frustrated not angry just uncomfortable. However, I had no clue about what the light meant.

I was used to hearing priests, vicars, and people of the clergy speak about the light, I’ve read about the light in the bible. I always thought the light was something that only people who were deeply religious experienced. Until I started to hear it being said to me.

I was embarrassed, because I did not consider myself the sort of person that was a good person. I was the girl that always got into trouble in school. I was mischievous giggly girl with my mischievous face always cracking jokes who was a distraction. Only good people or good girls had the light, people that could focus, pay attention and follow rules. Not me. I loved to giggle and laugh and I attracted or distracted people with my desire for fun.

I know understand that everyone has a light, everyone is here to shine their light. It is the God, spirit light no matter what you believe or don’t believe it still shines. You have a light, I’d hear it from strangers, people I just met, people I worked with all kinds of people. I’ve heard you have a light all over the place. In the beginning of my understanding or non-understanding, on hearing this statement, I would think “what the hell” they are talking about.

To be honest, I was uncomfortable because I knew intuitively that the light came with some kind of responsibility that I did not know and I didn’t want to take. I also knew, I would find out and have to deal with. It made me stomach hurt, triggered congestion in my solo plexus where I want to throw up but never could, the feeling would just pass. Writing this article and sharing about the light, I feel exposed and I still want to throw up.

In life sometimes understanding takes a (colloquial) minute to understand and for things to register, and by register, I mean grow into a full understanding where it goes from theory to practical to get it. I soon started to realize what it meant.

I have a light. I started to own my light, I started to fully embrace the power and build my confidence, doing the things that were important to me, no matter what it would look like. Honing my truth was not easy, I had to take risk, I had to be willing to loose, and feel hurt. I did not and still do not want to feel hurt, be disappointed and rejected.

I’d had to be willing experience these experiences, as a Personal Life Coach, I had to be what I was teaching through my work. Don’t get me wrong. I have my journey and as the Personal Life Coach, people have their own journey. I didn’t want to be like everyone else, knowing that I am just like everyone else with the ability to choose and make choices take risk and fail.

I’ve seen the light in babies and I feel the light in people and I know that all people have light, my clients learn to harness their light by doing the things that expand their life and light when they work with me on the things that they was and use me as their Personal Life Coach. I started to experiencing my own light and feeling it, when I started to shed my fears and concerns about things that I cannot control.

I started to understand and learn how to build light. It is built by the good that we put out into the world by our thoughts, actions and deeds. I started to understand how I gained light. I gained light by doing my work, coaching clients, saying generous things, sending out positive energy, loving myself to doing my work which honors their and my gifts. I see light when I am happy and even when I am not as happy as I’d like to be, knowing the light never goes away.

I love when I have experiences which I now celebrate and call Kiss Noreen Day. One Wednesday morning I Business Networking International group BNI, was awarded the Golden Microphone by one of my colleagues after he had won it. He awarded me for supporting him in an area of his life that was affecting his business and impacting his confidence. I was honored and thus this was an opportunity to build light. I appreciate love and light, I appreciate that he was able to take my coaching and take actions to transform his life and his business. For me making a difference as a Personal Life Coach is what I give my life to. I love it.

Today, I honor being a Personal Life Coach, I honor the light in me profoundly, so that I can honor the light in my clients and everyone. I love my clients and people into seeing their own light and growing it. Being fearless, forgiving and powerful with themselves so that they can expand their confidence and self-esteem. I love the light and I honor the light so that their light will honor me.

Noreen Sumpter

Noreen Sumpter

Noreen Sumpter is a Personal Life Coach: Born and raised in South East England. Noreen Came to New York in 1985 with $60.00 and a suitcase. She is a Personal Life Coach, Founder and creator of the Live...

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