By Marva Miller

Marva Miller

Three years ago, while I was participating in the Nurse-Family Partnership program, Healthy Start Brooklyn was looking to recruit members from the community to teach Infant CPR and First Aid to members of a child birthing class every two months. I jumped at the opportunity.

I enjoy teaching infant CPR and first aid to expectant mothers and their partners. Most of them have not been trained in CPR or First Aid and are very appreciative of the knowledge gained from hearing this invaluable information for the first time.

In-person training is a key opportunity to learn life-saving techniques.

Before the training begins, the participants are given a multiple choice quiz to test their knowledge of CPR and First Aid. This quiz is reviewed after the training is completed.

During training, they are taught what to do when an infant is found not breathing, how to give CPR to the infant, what to do if choking occurs and if the infant falls unconscious. In addition, a video is shown about safe sleep. They also watch demonstration videos and get hands-on practice on a baby-size mannequin to reinforce what they were taught. We also talk about heat- and cold-related illnesses and burns.

I have been teaching this class for about three years, and I love the experience. I feel good knowing that I am the one who is imparting this extremely useful training which could potentially save a life.

Currently, classes are offered at Brownsville Multi-Service Genesis Family Health Center and East New York Diagnostic & Treatment Center. If you?d like more info, including dates and times for upcoming classes, call 718-637-5244 or email [email protected].

For more advanced first aid training, you can also visit Blue Guard.

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