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On Thursday, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton posted a video to her Facebook page about her excitement around setting up campaign digs in Brooklyn!

What is rather peculiar, noted writer Collier Meyerson for, is the dearth of people of color in the video. In other words, she said, the video makes Brooklyn look really white.

In all fairness, the video, entitled, “Hello Brooklyn!” was filmed during an “unscheduled” walk through Brooklyn Heights, the site of Clinton’s 2016 headquarters– an area less representative of the borough’s diversity.

However, considering Brooklyn is still 35 percent black, 20 percent Latino, and 11 percent Asian or Pacific Islander, “Ok,” notes the author, “What about the rest of Brooklyn?”

How do you feel about the video?

Is it an innocent oversight and, really, no big deal?

Or do you think, as a presidential hopeful, that Clinton– or her campaign handlers– should have been more mindful of Brooklyn’s own wealth of diversity amidst her bid to represent all of America’s citizens?

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  1. Yes, that is truly weird. Granted, Brooklyn Heights is very white, so if this was a casual thing and only filmed quickly in the place where her HQ will be, then of course it would be so white. But in a campaign, nothing is really casual and someone on her staff should have vetted this, should have known that it would read really badly to so many of us living in Brooklyn. Or anywhere. Super super weird. I don’t think she has any malicious intent, but some people on her staff are really stupid.

  2. After viewing the short video, I felt no need to second guess; the video was done naturally, tastefully, and respectfully. I saw a number of people of color… some lighter, some darker in color — but represented, nonetheless.

    1. As Hillary herself says, “At this point, what difference does it make?” And she’s right: Lying to white people is the same as lying to people of color. The Clinton demographics are seamless that way. It could be that Hillary might charge a black college a little less than the $300,000 the Univ of Nevada and like schools have to pay but I think the school would still have to pay all her expenses, private jet, presidential hotel suite, special food and water. Don’t Bill and Hillary live in white Westchester? That’s who they are. If you like being lied to, vote for Hillary.

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