Starbucks Opening on Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill
New Starbucks will be located at 394 Myrtle between Vanderbilt and Clermont Avenues in Clinton Hill Photo credit: Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

The Brooklyn Reader just heard from a little birdie that Myrtle Avenue is about to receive the king of all coffee shops, the motherload of expensive espresso, the official rubberstamp of gentrification: Starbucks Coffee.

Whether the news causes you ire or excitement, one thing is for sure:  when traveling along the northernmost edge of Clinton Hill, you can treat yourself to a damn good cup of coffee (and some free WiFi to boot)!

394 Myrtle Ave (1)
Photo credit: Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

According to the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership website, the new Starbucks will be located at 394 Myrtle between Vanderbilt and Clermont Avenues, the home of the former discount store, Home & U.

“Rumors about Starbucks signing a lease have been circling the neighborhood for the past few months and we’ve received confirmations from several parties, but have yet to receive a confirmation from Starbucks directly,” wrote MARP. “Details have not yet been released as to when they may open.

“We welcome Starbucks to Myrtle Avenue and look forward to their contributions toward keeping our commercial corridor a special place.”

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