NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signs bill co-naming streets after slain NYPD Detectives Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu

Congress passed a bi-partisan bill on Wednesday extending the tax deadline for individuals who made charitable donations to organizations supporting the families of assassinated NYPD Detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos to now apply such tax deductions to their 2014 tax return.

The bill, The Slain Officer Family Support Act of 2015, was co-sponsored by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn’s 8th district and Rep. Peter King, a Republican from Manhattan.

Prior to the bills passing, individuals who contributed to the families of the slain detectives were required to make their contributions by December 31, 2014 to qualify for a tax deduction in 2015. Upon enactment, charitable contributions made by this year’s April 15 tax filing deadline would be deductible immediately.

“In the aftermath of this unspeakable tragedy, we must stand behind the families these heroes left behind,” said Jeffries. “Passage of this tax incentive legislation in the House is an important step in that direction.”

The bill also provides a clarification that contributions made for the relief of the Liu or Ramos families qualify as charitable contributions, for tax purposes, addressing the concern about whether such donations are eligible for the charitable tax deduction because the contributions are for the exclusive benefit of the two families.


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