NYPD union chief Pat Lynch and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYPD union chief Pat Lynch and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted on Wednesday that he could improve his communications on law enforcement matters, reported The Wall Street Journal.

“Can we do a better job communicating and listening and deepening an understanding of what our officers need? Yes,” said de Blasio.

Although he said he couldn’t offer an apology for his words or actions, his admission that communication between his office and the police unions could stand for improvement was the biggest step so far toward conciliation since the killing of the two police officers in Bed-Stuy on December 20, 2014.

The statement from the mayor came a day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with police union officials. Cuomo had been debating whether to try to step in and mediate between the fighting factions but has since decided against it.

“Everybody in New York City knows that this situation is unsustainable and it’s not healthy and it’s not productive,” said Cuomo of the ongoing tension between the mayor and the police unions.

And although de Blasio didn’t criticize the governor for meeting with the union leaders, he made clear that he expected to be the one handling city issues, stating he wasn’t interested in anyone playing a peacemaker role.


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