It is!
It is!

The weekend is here, and unfortunately, it’s colder than a conservative’s heart outside. But c’mon, it’s winter in NYC. You want it differently, hit up Priceline and book a ticket to South Beach (fly into Hollywood, it’s a usually a bit cheaper).

Besides, Brooklynites ain’t so whimpy that a massive, arctic air mass is gonna leave you quaking in your Timbs. Lace ’em up, hit the streets and maybe take advantage of the NYPD work slowdown, by breaking out your whiskey-filled flask, for a bit of  tipping on Tompkins or Throop… like you’re back in college!

But be respectful and of course, urinating in the street ain’t cool, even if the cops are giving a pass!

With that in mind, here’s some suggestions to shake and bake it and damn near break it. Party responsibly folks and keep in mind that Spring is exactly 70 days away, as of this writing, which means you have a lot of weather kvetching ahead of you.



Sisters is a good-looking venue and unlike my first impression, the venue is not just for Black girls but everybody. Dhundee always delivers in the booth, so expect to have fun! Facebook Event Page



I forgot to mention on BK Live, that at BackaYard Sessions, not only are the DJs spinning the best in Lover’s Rock, Rock Steady and Rub-A-Dub, but it’s also strictly vinyl! Irie! Facebook Event Page

10413297_909910509020766_8919598675830379053_nThis looks super interesting. I ripped these words straight from their facebook event page, because it tells ya everything: We are combining the “Otaku” culture and “Urban” culture just as Shinichiro Watanabe did with Samurai Champloo.

Brooklyn 2 Tokyos Event List:
Cosplay Contest
Super Smash Bros. (Wii U & DS)
Guilty Gear Xrd (PS3)
(Bring your controller if you’d like)

Live Performances By:
Mike Wilson
S. Ajay Ram
Chazz Giovanni
Malik Champloo

DJ Triple Play
The O.K.Drums

Oh, and yes, we will be spinning Japanese and Hip Hop Music ALL night so get ready to party! Facebook Event Page


Everybody just get in, where you fit in. Sounds like this event has something for everybody; from live performances and visual art to DJs, Video and Clothes. It’s a monthly and monthlies are usually a bit more epic than usual. You literally have to hit their Facebook page for the full effect and to check the links for all the Parallels that will intersect at Kymberle Project this Saturday: Facebook Event Page

1049111_781071225313212_8295434959893436124_oThis is another worthy, all vinyl situation to check out on Saturday. This is all about dancing. Getting down, getting loose and living out your disco dreams (disco dreams courtesy of the flyer). Bed Vyne Brew is a fun place, with a great selection of craft beer and artisinal wine, which means your tipsy will be exceptionally curated! Dance like nobody is watching…if by nobody, we’re talking about whoever you’ve been ogling all night at the bar.


What, you don’t do art & culture on the weekend? Shame on you! Get your butt over to check out the closing event of Delphine’s exhibition, at Skylight Gallery, in Restoration Plaza. Girls reclaiming safe spaces is important. It’s a discussion with Dr. Yaba Blay, so expect to be learn something, in addition to seeing the powerful photographs of Delphine Fawundu! Facebook Event Page


You may freeze your buns, but they’ll freeze while you’re having fun! Don’t think I need too many words with this one, so head over to their Facebook event page, “cheek”  out the meet up locations and decide if you’re ’bout it. Facebook Event Page

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