Dear Miss Dinna –

This is kind of an embarrassing question but I have to know.  I was recently with a girl that squirted.  Side note:  AWESOME!!!! but anyway – she squirted from oral and I swear it had a bit of a urine taste to it – which to be honest kind of freaked me out.  I don’t think squirting and peeing are the same, but I would love some insight and reassurance.  Can you help?!?!?!


Squirt Squirt Pee Pee

Dear SS PP –

First of all, congrats on your momentous occasion!  I know this can be an exciting milestone for some 😉

Squirting (or gushing as some refer to it) is a type of female orgasm.  It is when the woman actually ejaculates during orgasm and her vaginal muscles, rather then contracting inward, contract or push out.  There have been many debates on what this liquid is, and truly not enough research… but this is what we have found to know for almost certain:

On a woman, the G spot is like a female’s prostate and thus the chemical construction of the fluid released during an ejaculation in a woman is basically the same as prostatic fluid minus the sperm.

The liquid is ejected from the Skene’s glands (the para urethral glands/ducts) which live around the female urethra (the urinary pipe).

So in reading the information above, one can start to assume that the bladder is tied into all this…..which is why so many woman get the sensation that they have to pee when their G spot is stimulated.  Which is why, as well, to really achieve the freeing feeling needed to have a female ejaculation, it’s advised that the woman empty her bladder before foreplay etc.  That way she won’t tense up in fear of urinating, and will instead be able to relax into the orgasm and the sensation of pushing out with confidence.

Finally, to answer your question specifically…..the liquid ejaculated during a female orgasm is NOT urine and is in no way chemically similar to urine.  HOWEVER, it is common that a little urine might push out with the ejaculation.

I hope that helps!  Pleasure Away my Friend!

Miss Dinna

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