Police are investigating the shooting of a 9-month-old girl on Saturday by the baby’s father at their home on Sutter Avenue in East New York.

According to police, the young girl, Jessica Rosales, was shot in the hip by her 47-year-old father while he was cleaning the gun and it accidentally discharged.

Officers were driving down Sutter Avenue around 1:00pm, when the mother ran out of the building and flagged them down. Police entered the apartment and found an illegal, non-registered colt 45.

The baby was rushed to Woodhull Hospital and then transferred to Bellevue Hospital, where she underwent surgery and is expected to live.

Jessica Rosales’s parents will face criminal charges, police say.

In the wake of the shooting, the office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams on Sunday said Adams is calling for an increase of penalties on the criminal possession of weapons in homes with children. Adams will address the incident as well his legislative proposal to advance the safety of youth in Brooklyn and across New York State at a press conference on Sunday.

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