You WILL dance!

The holiday season is about to begin and this is the last weekend before it hits. Most of us look forward to it, but without a doubt, the holiday season can get stressful and Thanksgiving can especially wear thin on the nerves. Any holiday with the sole purpose to eat, drink and be thankful, can lead to a bloated, drunk uncle, making inappropriate statements, while watching NFL Football.

Perhaps you are the bloated, drunk uncle, in which case your excitement for Turkey Day is probably bubbling over like a chemical filled beaker, in high school science class. Perhaps you’re actually a drunk uncle that teaches high school science class and also runs a sports gambling book on the side. Perhaps that’s why you get so emotional and violent, from the ebb and flow of the Cowboys and Lions games on Thanksgiving, making everybody avoid you like an Ebola patient.

Perhaps this weekend before Thanksgiving, we should all go and dance our butts off, make out randomly and drink booze with people we choose, before spending time with people we inherited from our parents.

When I do a weekend update, I normally throw in some cultural events, maybe something from the art world or from a theatre troupe… but not this weekend… this weekend, let’s rage:


I remember when I first started hearing about Big Freedia in music magazines and blogs, I was confused about what the hype was all about. Fast forward to like, right now, and I’m still not sure what the hype is all about. Is it because Big Freedia is a man, semi-dressed like a girl, from New Orleans, who performs in the “Bounce Music” genre? Is it because Bounce is closely related to Twerking, which has gone mainstream like weed in Colorado?

What I do know is the music is high energy, lots of fun and girls dig it. So that’s a trifecta of positives! It’s at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, so you know the sound system and food will be on point and you can go bowling even if you’re not Ebola stricken (ok, that’s my last Ebola reference for today).

Brooklyn Bowl-61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Big Freedia in the House!
Big Freedia in the House!


Great day to go Day to Night, like a party monster, before hitting the airport or hopping on the Bolt Bus on Wednesday. The weather is going to break this weekend, and remove us from the death grip of brutally cold air that has plagued the nation this week, so do yourself a favor, and take advantage of it, like there was a blind proctor at your LSAT exam.

Volumnia: Verboten, 54 N. 11th Street, Williamsburg, Bklyn.

This Saturday party is in the daytime, 12noon-8pm, at Verboten, which is in Williamsburg. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m sending you to Williamsburg twice this weekend, but you might fall in love with a comely young hipster, in which case you’ll be thanking me come the Spring.  So just get it together and get over to the Northside. Verboten has a good sound system, so the combo of Brunch & DJs will make you happy and probably make you dance.

Daytime is the Playtime
Daytime is the Playtime

Saturday night, pull it together and hit up this loft party at the Kymberle Project. It’s either in BedStuy or Crown Heights, depending on your point of view. It’s old school like Capezios and baby powder, so expect to seriously cut a rug when up in the place! It’s a special visit from the U.K. party, Ready Steady Go-Go, who are teaming up with the Jackpot Party. I suggest a bit of stretching, if your limberness is in question

Jackpot V. Ready Steady Go-Go-Kymberle Project, 1332 Atlantic Ave

You WILL dance!
You WILL dance!


Back to the ‘Burg and it’s again in the daytime and it’s again, a dance party…but this time it’s giving involved with partying. The recent cold spell made it clear that the homeless can use some coats. I saw too many homeless people walking the streets in sweaters and thin jackets, so bringing a coat to the party is the cool thing to do, in support of New York Cares Coat Drive. 1pm-8pm

Not Another Day Party-Battery Harris, 64 Frost Street, Williamsburg

It’s also a Caribbean restaurant, so expect delicious food to go along with your daytime partying. Three DJs get your feet moving. It’s James Friedman, Andy Pry, Ron Like Hell on the turntables, which sounds like quite the journey. It’s free, so there’s always that!

When a statue gets cold, you know somethings wong
When a statue gets cold, you know somethings wong

So there you have it, I planned out a weekend of dancing for you. You’re totally welcome, anytime my friend. You can also catch me on the Dick & Dave segment, of BK Live, this Thursday, November 20th, talking about cool stuff to do in Brooklyn on the weekend. I do the show with Dave Colon from Brokelyn. Check us on Time Warner Cable ch.756; Cablevision ch. 70; Verizon Fios ch. 46 or stream online live, at Live comes on at 12 noon everyday and is an hour-long talk show.


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